McDonald’s Mighty Angus – MoVernie Behind-the-kitchen Experience (@ McDonald’s Canada Headquarter

Introducing the new McDonald’s Mighty Angus
A few weeks ago, I was invited by McDonald’s Canada
to taste a new food item. I was allowed to bring a guest and there was no
better person to bring along other than my manager, aka MoKenny.
MoKenny asked me, “Bro, what’s this McDonald’s
new food item launch all about? Do you know what food item?”
My response, “MoKenny, I don’t know what food
item it is. I was only told to bring a guest to the McDonald’s Headquarter and
bring our appetite”.
I could hear from the other end of our phone
conversation that my manager was excited, especially he had never been to the
McDonald’s Head Office. Meanwhile, I was lucky enough to be visiting the Head
Office for the second time. And as my peeps know me, I love surprises, so I am
very excited to know what this food item is! So, bring it on!
My bro and I came separately. So, the moment I
pulled into the Head Office, there was a nice visitor parking area that was
located very close to the entrance of the building. You can’t miss this
building because you can see from afar the Ronald McDonald’s inspired moose
sculpture and a giant version of the McCafé coffee on display.
Welcome to the McDonald’s Headquarter
The moment I stepped into the lobby, a courteous
security guard greeted me & asked me if I am here for the special McDonald’s
food tasting event. I replied with a kind “Yes” and he directed me to
the McDonald’s restaurant. FYI – McDonald’s Head Office has its own McDonald’s
restaurant located at the ground level of the building. That’s not surprising
because they want their own employee to be able to taste their own food from
the Head Office as well.
As I walked towards the mid-section of the
restaurant, I was greeted by the PR staff and they welcomed me & checked me
in. They gave me a brief run down on this special event. As always, from every
event that I got invited, it’s always appreciated when the PR know who you are,
give you a brief idea what’s this event is all about & ensuring you and
your guest are taken care of and that type of warm welcome will definitely
added the rest of the experience.
As I walked further down into the restaurant, I
could see the typical McDonald’s cashier counters where people order their
food. I could see the typical kitchen they produce the food as well. The layout
is exactly like a typical McDonald’s. So, that was cool to see a McDonald’s
restaurant inside the Head Office. What attracts me the most with the layout
was a big map of Canada. I am a proud Canadian and being able to see the map of
Canada with the McDonald’s logo with its Canadian flag on it was cool. I was
getting a bit thirsty so I walked to the mix & match pop machine station.
This was the type of machine you found at the Cineplex, where you can mix coke,
or orange or other pop with vanilla flavour or other flavours into the drink.
After a refreshing taste of a cold beverage,
someone tapped my shoulder, it was my bro! He said he arrived here 15 minutes before me and
wanted to show me what’s in store. There was 2 rows of tables being setup very
nicely with table cloth, forks and knives and everything looked fancy for the
food tasting later in the evening. He also showed me the patio. McDonald’s employees
can chill outside the patio area, that was very thoughtful. Then, I told my bro
to follow me around so I could introduce him to other McDonald’s employees that
I met from a previous McDonald’s event. As more attendees started to arrive, we
got to chat and catch up as well. Most of the attendees for this particular
event were Social Media Influencers which we most often bump into each other
for other events, so it’s always cool to see familiar faces.
Beautiful dining table setup
After most of the Influencers had arrived, we were
gathered around and the host greeted and welcomed us for our attendance. She
introduced to us all the McDonald’s executives that were on hand to give us a
brief introduction about themselves as well as the new food item that were
about to try. 
So….the food item that we got to experience was
the new “Mighty Angus”. The new Mighty Angus is the first new premium
burger the Company has added to its permanent menu since 2012. The 100% Angus
beef patty in the Mighty Angus is sourced from Canadian farms. 
Other ingredients include:
  • Smoky
    Angus aioli
  • Hickory
    smoked bacon pieces
  • Crisp
    leaf lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Processed
    cheddar cheese
  • Grilled
  • Sesame
    and poppy seed bun
Each McDonald’s executive took turns to introduce
themselves and they gave us the thoughts and the process behind the development
of the Mighty Angus. The Food Nutritionist explained to us the nutrition and
the use of the ingredients in the Mighty Angus. The Product Development Manager
discussed with us the reason behind the launch of this premium burger and why
they had decided to make this Mighty Angus the main stay on the food menu. And
to my surprise, a Canadian Ontario farmer, Amanda Brodhagen, was on hand to
talk about her multi-generational farm that supplies the beef to McDonald’s
restaurants. I got to say, having a farmer at this event was special. The
moment she said that the beef patties were freshly sourced from Canadian farms
such as hers, I was proud! Nowadays, many of us shop local, support local, so
to hear that a large corporation such as McDonald’s are using ingredients from
Canadian farms is something that I care dearly.
MoVernie with Canadian Ontario Farmer, Amanda Brodhagen
After the introduction by the executives, we were
assigned into groups of 4 for a behind-the-kitchen tour, so we got to see how
the new Mighty Angus was being made. The Food Nutritionist accompanied us and
we got to see how the beef patty was defrosted & heated up by fast &
efficient cooking machine. Also, she asked if any of us would like to prepare a
Mighty Angus, my bro, MoKenny volunteered. Meanwhile, I periscoped and took
photos of his experience. McDonald’s have specific process in place to ensure
each burger are being made with consistency. I really enjoy seeing my bro
making the Mighty Angus because we always get to eat the food but never really
know what’s like behind the kitchen. First thing first, the McDonald’s staff
asked MoKenny to go to the Sanitization station to wash his hands thoroughly.
Then, the staff gave out instructions to my bro on the steps in making the
burger. All the sauces were precise with equipment that already measured out
the amount of sauce needed.
Behind-the-Kitchen at McDonald’s
The “MOMENT” that really impressed me was
when the staff asked my bro to open up the grilled onions and you could see
from the tray that the onions were sizzling and fresh from the grill. The
onions were sautéed to perfection. Why I was impressed? Because a lot of times,
we heard about how McDonald’s are not using fresh ingredients and that
ingredients are mixed with weird additives in it, etc. But from what I saw,
those are typical onions that can be found in your or my kitchen. I love onions
and it smelled good in the burger.
MoKenny preparing his own Mighty Angus inside the McDonald’s kitchen
After the fun behind-the-kitchen experience, we
were asked to go to the dining area and await our meal. The dining area was
nicely done. It doesn’t look like a fast food atmosphere but a true dining
dinner experience. There was table cloth, candle lights, forks and knives,
fancy napkins and most surprisingly, a real wooden stand that was used for the
Mighty Angus plating presentation.
Quite honestly, after all the talk about this
Mighty Angus, I was super hungry at this point. The team of McDonald’s crew came
in a group of 4 and slowly plated our meal. It came with the Might Angus
packaging as well as a small fries. After taking photos and videos (of course,
the camera eats first, LOL), I took a big bite out of this burger and here is
my MoVernie Feedback on the Mighty Angus.
MoVernie Feedback – Mighty Angus
1) Moment I opened the Mighty Angus packaged box, I
was impressed with how big this burger was. Relative to other McDonald’s
burgers, the word “Mighty” is on its name for a reason. It’s
2) Love the sesame bun, in fact, the bun was one of
my favourite parts about this burger. The bun is toasty to eat
3) The secret Mighty Angus aioli sauce was
delicious, definitely added a new dimension to the flavouring of the burger
4) The 100% Angus beef patty that was sourced from
Canadian farms, very tender, mighty in size and juicy
5) I love onions and the grilled onions in the
burger was an important ingredient in this burger. Love the freshness of the
grilled aroma of the onions
MoVernie vs Mighty Angus
Verdict: MoVernie APPROVED!
I’ve got to say, this Mighty Angus burger is
definitely a premium burger. It’s definitely in-line with a burger that you
expect to taste at a dining restaurant. So to have this type of premium burger
quality at a fast food restaurant such as McDonald’s, that was above my
expectations. This Mighty Angus is one of the most complete burger from
McDonald’s. I highly recommend you to give this mighty burger a try.
The Mighty Angus is available at participating
restaurants across Canada. It’s about $6.40 + tax (CDN), a great price for a
premium sandwich, and it’s also available as part of an Extra Value Meal.

SPECIAL SHOUTOUT: I would like to thank McDonald’s Canada for the special exclusive
experience to try this Mighty Angus. It’s an absolute precious experience to
visit the McDonald’s Canada Head Office, to be able to see my bro preparing his
own Mighty Angus. Being able to meet the McDonald’s executives and discuss
about burgers was quite a cool experience. A lot of peeps would think a burger
is just a burger, but never in my mind, the amount of effort, brainstorming
ideas, nutritional value, the locally sourced ingredients, all these elements required to make a delicious Mighty Angus burger. It’s great
that McDonald’s value these elements seriously to bring the products that they
feel that will give a BIG smile on their customers’ faces.



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