Mia Martina Autographed Photo Giveaway – MoVernie Contest


As part of the MoVernie Mission, I have 2 major objectives that I value dearly and they are things that I feel strongly of doing. For interviews that I do, I will try my very best to get the artists, performers, athletes to sign on photos that I prepared, paid and developed.

  1. Some of these autographed photos/posters will be donated to a number of credible charitable organizations of my choice. I wanted to donate these items so that the charitable organizations can run silent auctions or raffle prizes to raise money for a good cause. I want to contribute and give back to the communities.
  2. At the same time, some of these autographed photos/posters could also be won by people who participates my MoVernie Contests. I want the fans or anyone who loves the particular artist, performer, athlete to have a chance to win and keep something that they value dearly and that they will cherish and enjoy!

From today (August 29 to September 19, midnight EST), a winner will be selected to win an autographed 8×10 Mia Martina photo (see below). No purchase necessary, all you need to do is to complete ALL 3 of the following tasks.


You have to….

1) “SUBSCRIBE” to my MoVernie YouTube Channel – Click here

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You have to complete ALL 3 tasks in order for a chance to win it. Fail to complete ALL 3 tasks will not be eligible to win.

I want more people to follow me so that they can continue to receive information on future MoVernie Contests and FREE giveways. Also, by following me, it means you are supporting the MoVernie Mission that I am doing, by recognizing my effort to get items signed & donate to the charity and the lucky fans! And Hey! If you are really a Mia Martina fan, clicking 3 buttons is a piece of cake for you 🙂

Now start clicking and stop doing nothing! 🙂 Good Luck!

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Special thanks to Mia Martina for her valuable time in signing all the photos!


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