Michael Jackson Tribute @ Dundas Square


July 1, 2009


On July 1st, it was a big special day to celebrate.  Not only it was Canada’s Day (Happy Birthday Canada!), not only it was the official launch of my website, www.movernie.com but it was also a day to pay tribute to the superstar Michael Jackson (MJ).


The Manifesto Festival was proud to present a Canada Day Celebration paying tribute to the one and only Michael Jackson and his enormous contributions to music, art, dance and culture.


Featuring DJ’s Starting From Scratch, Son of S.O.U.L., Mensa, Sean Sax and Jason Palma spinning 3 straight hours of Michael Jackson’s music, and a special dance performance by Rated X, all hosted by Wan Luv and Big Norm.

DSC05338 DSC05342

30,000 people showed up and busted their moves in honour of MJ.  The crowd stretched from the stage, all the way across the street towards the Eaton Centre direction.  Whether it was rain or shine, MJ music rocked the entire crowd.  Despite showers of rain, the fans were soaked and wet but yet they stayed until the late night to enjoy a night of clubbing outdoor.  It was an awesome party and everyone had a great time.

This was indeed my best Canada Day celebration yet!  Happy Canada! I love Canada! I am proud to be a Canadian!


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