Michael Phelps vs Ryan Lochte and Usain Bolt vs Yohan Blake – Any similarity?




Congratulations to Gold Medalist, Usain Bolt for defending his title in the 100m race and still being the fastest men on the planet. Before the Olympics, both Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt were taking similar heat and debate on whether they can still defend their respective titles. Whether the youth movement of Ryan Lochte & Yohan Blake could unsit the defending gold medalists. Both Phelps and Bolt seemed to show that they may be on the decline after they were beaten on a few World Championships races against the new youth athletes.

However, as we all know, during this Olympics, both Phelps & Bolt had proven yet again that they still got game and they are still the gold medalists on their respective sports. I am a big fan on Usain Bolt, he is a superb runner but also bringing his comedian personality to the track & field circuit. I enjoyed watching his various dance moves or hand motions before and after his race. I was wondering…..”how many athletes are given that much time to jog around the entire stadium to celebrate their victories as long as Bolt did? It was a treat to watch. Especially how he embraced Yohan alongside with him, more like “Batman & Robin”. To add to the amazing imagery, seeing the Mascot joining in the victory celebration with Bolt’s signature lightning pose was a imagery to remember for a lifetime.

But before all these races happened, I think both Phelps and Bolt did some psychological strategies as well. When everyone thinks Lochte and Blake can dethrone both champions, both Phelps and Bolt purposely just got by their respective races but didn’t dominate the races. This gave the inexperienced Lochte & Blake the mis-conception that they felt they could be the winner. In fact, Bolt even gone as far to tell the media that he was dealing with back spasms that he was only 95% healthy. All these tactics, to me, were used to bring false hope to the young onez. It was to mis-informed the young onez that they will win it at the end.

Another factor was the Olympics large stage of crowd. Phelps and Bolt thrived on the big stage and the large crowd is where both Phelps and Bolt want to show the world that they are back in business and they still got what it takes to win the gold medal.

I really enjoy both races and I am glad that Phelps and Bolt won their respective races to being able to defend their titles.

But no worries, Lochte & Blake will be the next superstars in future Olympics, just not this Olympics.


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