Miss Universe Canada – Preliminary Round


By: MoVernie, Published on May 18, 2012

Two weeks ago, I was invited to the America’s Next Top Model Covention held at the Metro Convention Centre, meeting hot models and all. This week, I got invited to the Miss Universe Canada. I guess you can called these “spoiled” experiences. I really need to give my eyes some break before I take all the beautiful visual sceneries for granted, lol.

Yesterday was the Miss Universe Canada Preliminary Round, all 62 contestants, including my friend, Lisa Wong of Toronto. She was gorgeous last night with a beautiful red evening gown along with her 5’10” figure. With heels, she is possibly standing 6’2″. The event was held at St. Lawrence Arts and Centre, located at Front and Yonge, beside the Sony Arts Centre. The venue is not huge but perfect for an event like this.

All 62 contestants started off the night with the pageant-provided red dress, followed by 2 more segments, including the smokin’ hot bikini’s, followed by evening gown segment that they were allowed to choose their own gown. Interestingly, despite the hot bikini segment, I found the evening gown segment more interesting. I love how they got to choose what they want to wear that best fits their own style. Lots of the dresses were beautifully designed. They had various colours, bling bling, sparkles and really showcase their curves.

The most talked contestant, Jenna Talackova got the most cheered from the crowd. She was the tallest of them all standing at 6’1″ on flat. 20 of the 62 contestants will be chosen to compete on the final round this Saturday and I will be there and I hope my friend, Lisa will make the cut, which I know strongly that she did very well to advance, best of luck to her!

I bumped into lots of my peeps at this event as well. I bumped into 2010 Miss Universe Canada winner, Elena Semikina. She was stunning with her red featherly dress along with her 6″3″ frame with heels. I also bumped into Drew Taylor, former minor Jays and Phillies pitcher which I will be playing baseball with in July with his Toronto Maple Leafs baseball team.

On a side note, we got to give some respect to the hardworking reporter who covered stories and news for the viewers. I saw Devon, former Much Music VJ, who has been a news reporter for a while now at CP24. He couldn’t watch the show but stuck in the media van for a few hours, just to interview the organizer of the pageant, there goes his night. lol. He looked a bit tired and not delightful in the van but I guess that’s part of a reporter’s life, standing in the cold, waiting around to cover the stories.

All and all, it was a great night. 5 contestants received 5 awards last night, which secured them 5 out of the possible 20 spots available for the Saturday competition. They won the respective awards such as “Best Body”, “Audience Favourite”, “People’s Onlinen Choice Award”, “Best Runway Model” & “SOS Children’s Villages Humanitarian Award”. I personally, didn’t like the term “Best Body”, I prefer “Best Figure”, which is more classier.

Anyhow, I hope to be a judge someday as I know I have a great pair of eyes.

Here are my top 10 picks with no particular order (even though I have one that stood out & picker her as potential winner, I will keep that as a secret for now):

Casar Jacobson
Amanda Lee
Dajana Radovanovic
Lisa Wong
Carla Bradstock
Jennifer Skroch
Jenna Talackova
Majd Soudi
Maria Nahri
Veronica Salcedo


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