Momofuku x Pusateri’s Co/Lab at Champagne Bar (CF Eaton Centre) – Toronto, Canada



Welcome to Momofuku x Pusateri’s at CF Eaton Centre (PATH location)!

Both well-known brands, Momofuku and Pusateri’s Fine Foods are collaborating at the Champagne Bar located at the CF Eaton Centre location. Both stores will provide their own food menu items serving to the customers in the same dining area (CF Eaton Centre location ONLY).

Momofuku has restaurants located in the Shangri La Hotel in the downtown Toronto core. Two of their restaurants, Diasho and Shoto, are now closed for renovations. Thus, Momofuku’s collaboration with Pusateri’s is a great initiative to allow its loyal customers’ continual opportunities to enjoy its signature food items at the CF Eaton Centre location. Moreover, it also allows new patrons who normally shops at Pusateri’s the chance to try the food items from Momofuku.

The Champagne Bar at Pusateri’s is not super big but it does the job. There is a nice bar station area that you can chat with the staff and enjoy a few glasses of champagne, wine or beer. Washrooms (also wheel chair accessible) are available within the Champagne Bar area so you don’t have to struggle to find one in the massive PATH area. There is also sit down areas that you can check out the chefs preparing your meal.

For the food menu, the left side has a black background colour which showcases the Momofuku’s food items. On the right side of the menu, with a white background showcases the Pusater’s food items (check both food menus below). The best part? You can literally order anything you want from BOTH sides of the worlds. You can mix and match and order food items from Momofuku and Pusateri’s. I like this concept ALOT! There are a variety of items for everyone. Also check out the Momofuku cocktails menu below.

Momofuku’s signature steamed buns

For the Momofuku side, it has its signature steam pork bun, it’s $6 per bun, but it’s tasty and reasonably priced. We love it so much, we ordered round 2. We also ordered the beef tartare at Momofuku. The chips were crispy, tasty and flavourful. However, the only minor suggestion would be to add an extra chip, coz currently, they only serve 3 chips and the proportion isn’t balance between the beef and chips. There is some beef leftover and if you have 2 people sharing, it’s odd to share among 3 chips. A 4th chip would be much appreciated. The beef tartare was flavourful and it’s fresh, tender and chewy.  Both food items had great plate presentation.

Momofuku’s beef tartare

We also ordered the tuna ceviche from the Pusateri’s food menu. Great plating presentation. Love the fresh tuna, taste is flavourful with a good spicy heat to it. The fried wonton strips added good texture to the tender and softer texture of the tuna meat. I highly recommend this dish.

Pusateri’s tuna ceviche

Since it’s only lunch, we can’t eat that much. So….we will come back next time and try some other food items. The lobster chowder and the bacon cheeseburger from the Pusateri’s food menu looks interesting.

The ricecakes and chilled spicy noodles from the Momofuku’s food items looks promising as well. The only thing I would love to see is more cooked food items from Momofuku as most of the food items on the menu are mainly cold food items. From freshly shucked oysters to chilled spicy noodles to salad. However, this is forgivable consider that the cooking space Momofuku is serving may have limited equipment or warming apparatus and logistics limitations prevent them to serve a more boarder list of food items. However, the food at Momofuku are high quality and tasty with its food menu.

NOTE: Momofuku x Pusateri’s Co/Lab is now open to the public and as far as I know, they told me this collaboration will be happening for a few months.

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Momofuku x Pusateri’s Co/Lab (CF Eaton Centre location)
Address: Hudson’s Bay Queen Street, 176 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5C 2L7
Phone: (416) 365-3130

Momofuku x Pusateri’s food menu at CF Eaton Centre location

Momofuku signature cocktails menu (CF Eaton Centre location)

Momofuku: Food menu and its price

Pusateri’s: Food and its price

Signature Momofuku steamed pork bun ($6 each)

Luv the floor tiles at the Champagne Bar at Pusateri’s.



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