Mongrel House – Opening Night #MongrelTIFF


Mongrel House #MongrelTIFFAs always, Mongrel House is one of the hottest spots during TIFF. It was a hot spot last year and it is even a hotter party this year for TIFF16. Mongrel House, hosted by Mongrel Media, is simply the transformation of the historic Campbell House (located between Queen Street West & University Avenue) into a fun outdoor and indoor TIFF inspired entertainment playground.

Mongrel House #MongrelTIFFFrom the outside, you have a nice Mongrel backdrop for you to pose on the red carpet. Bar stations around the Mongrel House serving top drinks made with Cîroc. Food stations serving freshly made food from the St. Lawrence Market. Live band generating cool hype music at the outdoor tent. At one corner, there is the Acura section, it displays its super car, Acura NSX. The kind Acura representative explains to me all the specs about this super car, telling me that this NSX has 2 engine bays, 1 in the front and 1 in the mid-section. She even invited me to get inside and check out the interior. That was quite sick! After checking out the hot ride, the Acura section also offers nice cocktails.

Mongrel House #MongrelTIFFWalking inside the Campbell House, the ground floor offers 2 rooms. One is the arcade room and the other room is another bar station serving attendees who are having loads of fun inside the building. As you walked down the basement, there is a nice family room where we get to try some nice craft beer. Although the fireplace wasn’t in use, you could tell this would be a warm place in the winter if the fireplace does goes on.

Mongrel House #MongrelTIFFimg_0527At the other side of the basement is a theater room where attendees can watch some of the films. As we walk back upstairs to the ground floor, then walk up in the spiral staircase, we see a comfy sofa for peeps to relax and chill. As I walk into the room, there is actually a live band inviting peeps to request a song that they would like to sing with the band, so a live karaoke! That’s quite a cool experience!


The Mongrel House is a private event that invites special guests. It runs from the beginning of TIFF to end of TIFF16.

Special thank you to Mongrel Media for having my MoVernie Crew to the Opening Night!

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And MoVernie is outta here!

Mongrel House #MongrelTIFF Mongrel House #MongrelTIFF Mongrel House #MongrelTIFF

Mongrel House #MongrelTIFF Mongrel House #MongrelTIFFMongrel House #MongrelTIFF img_0529 Mongrel House #MongrelTIFF Mongrel House #MongrelTIFF Mongrel House #MongrelTIFF img_0537 Mongrel House #MongrelTIFF img_0536


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