Monster Jam – Rogers Centre (Toronto, Canada)


Yesterday afternoon, I was on the MOVE for my 1st ever Monster Jam. The event was held at the Rogers Centre, Toronto.. My followers told me that ear plugs are highly recommended, they even told me where I can get disposable ones. So, I took their advice and went to Home Depot, bought a bag of disposable ear plugs for about $4.80.

The reason why I need the ear plugs? Monster Trucks have over 1000 horsepower in their engines and they make a lot of noise and sound. And with the roof of the Rogers Centre being closed, the echo sound will redirect from the roof back to the ground, so it’s important to protect our ears.

Anyhow, the Monster Jam was amazing, it’s perfect for family and kids who luv big trucks. The entire ground at the Rogers Centre were transformed into various obstacle courses, filled with dirt, blocks, so that the trucks could roll on them to do tricks. It definitely not an easy task to handle big trucks with big tires in full speed and performing tricks, kudos to the drivers. And also thank you to the mechanics, engineers and all the ground crew who set up everything for this Monster Jam event.

I always like the sound of the engine, from the Honda Indy to now Monster Jam. Every year, Monster Jam comes to Toronto at the Rogers Centre. I would highly recommend anyone to check it out. It’s fun! 2.5 hours blew by so quickly that I didn’t even know it was over.

For more information about the tickets for the Monster Jam and perhaps checking the cities most near you, please click here.


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