MoRose Cocktail Recipe – Using Zirkova Ultra Premium Vodka

MoRose Cocktail Recipe

Using Zirkova Vodka to make MoRose cocktail recipe, celebrating Valentine’s Day!

Today is Valentine’s Day, so I have decided to create a special cocktail recipe for that special someone.

This cocktail is called “MoRose” using Zirkova Together as my vodka choice.

You can make it at home as well. Watch my IG Story for my cocktail creation.

MoRose Cocktail Recipe:


– 2 oz of Zirkova Together

– a few coco cubes with lychee syrup

– a few pomegranate

– 4 oz of cranberry juice

– 3 oz of Bubbly. I used the new Mango flavour but you can put whatever flavour that you like

– add an ice cube

Pocky sticks


– grab a glass jar

– filled in Zirkova Together

– then step by step put in the aforementioned ingredients, stir it with the Pocky sticks and voila, enjoy!

FYI – Both Zirkova Together & Zirkova One are available @lcbo. Buy a bottle or two and make your own Valentine’s Cocktails! đź’“ đź’“


NOTE: Please drink responsibly!

Zirkova Together & Zirkova One are available at participating LCBO locations.

The Zirkova Together & Zirkova One ultra premium vodka are provided by Zirkova and this is a paid campaign. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.

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