MoVernie Interviewing Raptors Amir Johnson


Yesterday was a special day for me. I got to interview Toronto Raptors Amir Johnson. Also, it was a Special Happy Day for many people because Amir Johnson was in attendance to present a cheque ceremony for a charitable organization that he supported dearly, which is called “The Remix Project”. The Remix Project was created in order to help level the playing field for young people from disadvantaged, marginalized and under served communities. Its mission is to help refine the raw talents of young people from across the GTA in order to help them find success as participants define it and on their own terms. (Click here to check out the website).

The cheque ceremony was conducted at Cold Stone Creamery Toronto (@TOcoldstone on twitter) located at 1094 Bloor Street West. To carry on the theme of Amir’s idea of giving back to the communities, Cold Stone was giving out FREE ice-cream to the patrons. Everyone was happy with great smiles. The Cold Stone crew were super energetic, they were joyful, singing various theme songs to hype up the crowd. My favourite part was when one crew scooped up a big ice-cream and then scooped it up in the air and another crew had to catch it in mid-air with the ice-cream container. Let me tell you, most of the crew have skills, “nothing but containers”, they capture most of them. It was such a great sight to see.

As soon as Amir arrived at Cold Stone, every one gave him a round of loud cheers! Lots of die-hard Raptors fans & Amir Johnson fans in attendance. The Remix Project members, along with Cold Stone staff and Amir Johnson conducted the cheque ceremony. It was a special moment. Furthermore, Cold Stone was thoughtful by creating a customized, basketball ice-cream cake for Amir, whose birthday is next week, so a happy early birthday! Cake was shared with all peeps in attendance. It was an awesome moment. Last but not least, Amir made his famous “Amir 3.0” signature ice-cream, which consists of vanilla, almonds & caramel. Yummy!

I really appreciate and happy that players such as Amir Johnson loves the City of Toronto so much and taken out of his busy time to give back to the communities. He has lots of initiatives from “Roll with Amir” thanking the Raptors fans by treating them to FREE dinner and hanging out with him. It was also a great contest all-around with great organization effort by him and his crew, including his buddy Veezy, who took out his valuable time, driving around the GTA to give out the “Golden Ticket” to the lucky winners in various spots of the city, so that everyone from all parts of the city have a chance to win it.

In addition, Amir supported the Remix Project, so talented artists of all kinds can be able to carry their dreams alive and be able to showcase their talents and be able to contribute to our communities. Furthermore, he has his “Young Onez” group as well. I wish we have more great players such as Amir who cares about his fans and the city so much.

Amir, continue to do what you are doing and what you are believe in. You are a great role model to look up to and setting a great example to the younger generation who are our future.

As for me, it is a honour for me to get to interview Amir Johnson, he is a hilarious, fun guy with a BIG heart. Stay tuned for my upcoming “MoVernie on the Move” video with Amir Johnson & Veezy on I want to share the event with those who couldn’t make it to the event.

Next year, I hope to roll with Amir and Veezy. Raptors Nation united as the Toronto Raptors’ future is looking VERY bright next year!

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