MoVernie Joining Forces with Raptors Cage


It’s OFFICIAL! Going forward, many of my basketball related blogs will be published on an energetic, fun & cool basketball site called the “Raptors Cage”. It is a site organized by a number of die-hard Raptorsfans. Most importantly, this site is organized and run by a group of teenagers. At such a young age, they have dedicated their time and putting in their effort to provide various Raptors news and information to their fans. It’s extra special to me that the younger generation of people learn the importance of team work, knowing their roles and responsibilities in life. These are key experiences for their future career and lives.

In case you wondered, didn’t MoVernie already contribute basketball blogs to another blogging site called the Pro Bball Report? Yes, indeed. But both basketball sites bring different elements to the audience. For Pro Bball Report, its main focus is on the score of the game, the impact of the players that  have contributed to the outcome of the game. The pre and post game commentary from the coaches and players are being provided. As for Raptors Cage, it’s more about the behind-the-scenes of the players’ lives and lifestyles. A more focus on the players’ personality and their interests outside the basketball court.

I look forward to work with both sites and I am sure I can balance my content with both parties.

First of all, click here to view my first blog on Raptors Cage.

MoVernie Story on Raptors Cage

MoVernie Story on Raptors Cage


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