MoVernie Predictions: NBA Regular Season Picks – Raptors Will Finish 4th in the Eastern Conference


Every year, my followers always wanted to know the teams that I believe will make the playoffs. I am have no super power, just a normal human being. My predictions aren’t always right but most of them are accurate. So, it’s always fun for me to make my predictions and look back a year later to see how good or bad my predictions were.

Right now, before the NBA season is about to begin, these U.S. Sports Media kept saying how the Toronto Raptors will not able to repeat or in fact, can’t even make the playoffs after losing both Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green to free agency. That’s a bunch of B.S. Are you kidding me? Seriously? Anyway, I am fine with that, as I always like the Underdog mentality.

These sports media either never watch the Raptors play or they just want to stir shit to create controversy to try to create something to talk about. Many of my followers messaged me and asked me what I think. I told them, not to worry. The Toronto Raptors can easily make the playoffs but the question is…how deep of a playoff does Raptors President Masai wants to go? Clearly, the Raptors have most of the core group back to make the playoffs, but they don’t have an experienced closer who can close out games to take the game over his shoulder to go deep into the playoffs. Pascal Siakam is still developing and growing but I think it’s still immature to expect a young kid to take over games or close up games. Let Pascal continues to learn and develop. We need another 3pter shooter, a scoring closer and possibly another big man.

Anyhow, I think with the weak Eastern Conference, the Raptors will finish 4th in the Eastern standing. This is my predictions.

Below are my prediction for the Eastern Conference:

1 – Milwaukee Bucks
2 – Philadelphia 76ers
3 – Boston Celtics
4 – Toronto Raptors
5 – Brooklyn Nets
6 – Miami Heat
7 – Indiana Pacers
8 – Orlando Magic

And also my prediction for the Western Conference:

1 – Houston Rockets
2 – Los Angeles Clippers
3 – Los Angeles Lakers
4 – Golden State Warriors
5 – Utah Jazz
6 – Denver Nuggets
7 – Dallas Mavericks
8 – San Antonio Spurs

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with my predictions? What’s your predictions? Happy to hear from you!


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