MoVernie – Raptors Practice Court Clinic

Well, even though the NBA was locked out a few weeks back, I was invited to attend an exclusive Raptors practice court clinic. In the past, I had been to the practice court numerous time, for season ticket holder parties and what not, but never was I given the opportunity to step on the court and play a game of basketball, so this is a rare chance for me to experience this.

Arriving in the practice court, we were greeted by one of the Raptors Assistant Coaches. He is here to provide us some drills such as pump fake, cross-over, jump and shoot drills. It was a great workout. Then comes 5-on-5 basketball game. I was so out of shape and couldn’t really do much, but it was clearly fun, running across the court.

The highlight of the entire event was when the assistant coach said that we were the first group of people to step on this newly renovated practice court with sound proof walls, new hardwood court and everything because the Raptors players were locked out, they couldn’t even enter the facility. At that moment, I looked at the court and I was like “Wow! This is so cool!”

I am grateful and cherish every moment of the expereince. I hope to step on the court again but next time, I will be more physically prepared and won’t be puffing like crazy, lol.

Be sure to check out the photos of the practice court. I really like the one where I was lying on the Raptors logo on the practice court, it’s priceless moment!


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