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Lunch time, what to eat? I was craving for ramen noodles, so as I was walking at the Eaton Centre Urban Eatery, I spotted a place called “Liberty Noodle”. It has a nice and easy to read menu at the top of the store. Full of nice photos of the food. A nice signage with photos of the food is KEY to many patrons who aren’t familiar with the food items, especially if it is their first time trying it. Furthermore, they even have a “most liked” labels beside some of their food items, so first timer could make a better decision on the relatively more popular items.

All the staff are dressed in Japanese style Chef outfit, it added a flavour of the Japanese cuisine that I was about to order. The staff greeted me with a smile. I ordered their Tonkotsu (pork) ramen noodle soup. It comes with sweet corn, bamboo shoots, green onions and one half of an egg cooked with perfection.

I also ordered a ginger lemonade. Mind you, this was the first time I ordered a ginger lemonade. This was a drink to die for and I was glad I ordered it. Normally lemonade sometimes were too sour for my taste. Not this drink, the ginger provided an unusual kicker flavour that offset the sourness of the lemonade. With the green onions often provided an mouthful of after taste, this ginger lemonade provided relief to my breath. (Thank god!) I highly recommend you ordered the Ginger Lemonade.

Special thanks to Joy who put lots of passion in preparing my ramen noodle with careful plating, the thoughfulness of the ramen noodle into perfection. She also topped up my ginger lemonade, which you know, one of my petpeeve is when stores don’t fill it to the top for you.

If you don’t like ramen noodles, you can choose udon or rice noodle (gluten free) as well. You can also make it a combo with extra charge that includes a side dish + a drink. Side dish includes apple coleslaw or endame beans and other side dishes I couldn’t remember top of my head.

There are also lots of healthy food items such as veggies and gluten free food items. If you don’t like soup noodles, they also have stir fry and other hot food items.

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 Tonkotsu (pork) ramen noodle soup

Tonkotsu (pork) ramen noodle soup

Ginger Lemonade (one size at $2.75)

Ginger Lemonade (one size at $2.75)


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