#MoVernieContest 3.0: McDonald’s (#GreatTasteCDA)


Alright Peeps! Who is ready for MoVernie Contest 3.0 today?

Yesterday, we had our 2nd winner, her name is Jody Bourke and she won a $50 Gift Card, courtesy from McDonald’s Canada.

Today, we are keeping the momentum going with our MoVernie Contest Day 3 going. A winner will take home a nice $50 Gift Card, courtesy from McDonald’s Canada.

Here are the rules: (You have to complete all these check points in order to be eligible to win)

  1. Follow me on Twitter @MoVernie
  2. Follow McDonalds on Twitter @McD_Canada
  3. Retweet my top pinned MoVernie Tweet about this contest
  4. Post a selfie of you with one of the ingredients found in the Summer Country Burger on Twitter (please include hashtag #GreatTasteCDA). Please see what ingredients are found in the Summer Country Chicken Burger below.

For example, you can post a selfie with a piece of chicken. Perhaps a selfie with a slice of tomato. Better yet, post a selfie with a toasty bun. Be creative!

The Summer Country Chicken Burger is available from June 22-28 & July 13-19. Chicken is being raised from Ontario Farms.

This chicken sandwich has a Creamy Tomato and Herb Sauce, topped on Ontario farm-raised crispy chicken. Tomato and leaf lettuce add to the fresh taste, while processed cheddar cheese and a toasted Braided-style glazed bun complete this sandwich.

A winner will be selected tonight (June 29) at 9:09 pm “Make A Wish” local time.

Good luck!

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