#MoVernieContest 5.0: McDonald’s (#GreatTasteCDA) – Happy Canada Day



Peeps! I would like to wish everyone of you a Happy Canada Day! I am proud of this beautiful country. I am proud to be Canadian. I love the multiculturalism as well as the diversity that we built.

On a side note, who is ready for MoVernie Contest 5.0 today? Are you ready for this final challenge?

Yesterday, we had our 4th winner, her name is Heidi Watts and she won a $50 Gift Card, courtesy from McDonald’s Canada. She impressed me by submitting 2 entries, which increased her chances and also showing her effort and support to my MoVernie Contest! Thank you Heidi!

Today, we are keeping the momentum going with our MoVernie Contest Day 5, which is also a final instalment of my MoVernie + McDonalds Canada Contest. A winner will take home a nice $50 Gift Card, courtesy from McDonald’s Canada.

Here are the rules: (You have to complete all these check points in order to be eligible to win)

  1. Follow me on Twitter @MoVernie
  2. Follow McDonalds on Twitter @McD_Canada
  3. Retweet my top pinned MoVernie Tweet about this contest
  4. You have 2 options: 4 a) Post a mini video on Twitter and include your well wishes to people on Canada Day. (please include hashtag #GreatTasteCDA).OR
    4 b) Name me one of the “Great Canadian Taste McDonalds” food item on Twitter  (please include hashtag #GreatTasteCDA). NOTE: You can do either option. However, if you do BOTH tweet entries, your chance increases by a mile.

A winner will be selected tomorrow (July 2) at 7:01 pm “Make A Wish” local time.

To give you a little help, here is the link to the McDonalds Canada “Great Canadian Taste” food items.

Good luck!




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