(MUST VISIT) LCBO – 10 Scrivener Square, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


There are tons of LCBO locations around Ontario, but this LCBO, located at 10 Scrivener Square, Toronto is a MUST VISIT. It’s located near Rosedale/Yonge area and I luv the historic architecture of the building. It was once a train station that eventually is now being used to sell booze. LOL

It looks amazing outside, very classic and clean. The water fountain is beautiful. During Christmas time, you can see the Christmas lights wrapping around the trees near the entrance. Then, there is a Christmas tree that is LIT UP above the bridge.

Once you walk inside, there is a super high ceiling of the building. This place is so big that I can’t believe I spent over an hour here exploring the different sections. There are all kind of sections from Champagne, to wines, beer, vodka, gin, whisky, scotch, tequila, eggnog, you think of it, they will have it. I am sure they have all these vintage and expensive bottle of liquor that you wouldn’t find at other LCBO locations.

Whether you drink alcohol or you don’t, I highly recommend you to come for a visit and enjoy and appreciate this special building.

LCBO – 10 Scrivener Square – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Website: www.Lcbo.com
Address: 10 Scrivener Square, Toronto, ON M4W 3Y9
Phone: (416) 922-0403


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