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Previously, I had posted two MoVernie BLOGs about the Copper Ion Fabric Mask from In my 1st MoVernie BLOG, I simply posted the photos of the package of this fabric mask. In my 2nd MoVernie BLOG, I did an UnBox video and showcased what I looked like when wearing it on my face.

In this MoVernie BLOG, let me give you my feedback and my experience wearing this Copper Ion Fabric Mask from

Quite honestly, wearing a mask is never comfortable, I hate something is on my face and breathing isn’t as free as wearing nothing. But with this COVID-19 crisis, everything changes and wearing a face mask helps everyone especially if we need to go out for grocery run or picking up food take-out.

A few weeks ago, when I went to an Asian grocery store, everyone in the store EXCEPT me was wearing a mask. I didn’t wear one as I was not affected with the Coronavirus and I thought from news and health officials that face mask may backfire if we touch our faces often and the virus or germs that is stuck in our mask may actually help spread the virus more. However, as times go by and with more and more COVID-19 cases on the rise, I felt that there is a need to wear a face mask, to protect myself and protect others, as long as I stop touching my face (which I am able to do as times go by that I am able to not touch my face as often).

Ever since I am wearing this fabric face mask to go for a grocery run or take out, I feel more comfortable doing it knowing this fabric mask will help protect me more than wearing nothing.

This fabric face mask is made in Taiwan. It has multiple layer in the construction of this face mask. It’s washable, reuseable and thus, eco-friendly. What I like about this face mask is that it has a nose wire that will fit the contour and the shape of my nose to ensure the mask covers most of the surface area of my face. The executive from told me that it’s important the mask is seal tight as much as possible as we tried not to have spacing or gaps between the mask and our face, coz we don’t want droplets to get through.

I also like the design of the face mask so that my chin is covered with the mask as well.

Now, this face mask comes in small, medium and large sizes. I was told that most females prefer small. Meanwhile, depending on the comfort of each individual, some prefer medium and some prefer large. For me, both ear strings were a bit too long for me, so I tied a knot on each side, made adjustments so that it fits my face perfectly.

This is what it looks like wearing the face mask.

Overall, I think this face mask does its job. It’s not a medical mask, but those medical masks should stay available for media staff and frontline workers. As for civilians such as us, a nice, premium face mask will be sufficed.

As this mask becomes widely more available, I would like to see more colours and patterns available, I don’t mind a red one or perhaps polka dots or animated design on the mask will be a welcome sight. But again, in my opinion, the functionality out weight the fashion design, protection and safety takes priority.

Below are the steps that I took to clean my face mask after going out for a much needed grocery run.

1) I sprayed the face mask with disinfectant

2) I applied anti-microbial hand soap to both inside and outside of the face mask and washed it with warm water

3) After cleaning, I put it on a hook and let it dry in a ventilated warm temperature room

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