My first softball playoff game = excited + nervous


Do you ever have that nervous feeling before a playoff game? I do. I am not super intense or aggressive type of guy but when I am working, partying, I make sure I maximize that experience by giving my all and doing the best I can in everything that I do.

Tonight is the first playoff game of my company’s inaugural season. I felt like a rookie player who have never been to a playoff game and wonder what it’s like. I wonder how Raptors player DeMarr DeRozan feels when the Raptors make the playoffs. All day, I visualize how to catch the ball if it is coming my way. I want to set the tone, I want to start the game strong and on a right note to give myself confidence.

Is it normal for everyone that the imagery of a ball kept hitting towards you and you create various ways to catch the ball and make a play?

I am excited but yet nervous. I am slowly closing my eyes to keep calm, focus, concentrate and give me my all!

Let’s go! I can do this!

MoVernie can do this!!!


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