My Top 13 Comfort Food Items/Cuisine After I Return from my Vacation or Press Trips


sashimi & sushi

MoVernie QUESTION: When you return from your vacation or business trip, do you have some comfort food that you CRAVE and you want to indulge them? Coz I do!

Every time I come back from a vacation or a press trip, I always crave for these comfort food listed below. They are tasty and they made me feel like home sweet home!

Don’t get me wrong, whenever I am travelling, I luv their cultural food, street food and their signature dishes, but I can’t eat pasta for 2 straight weeks or tapas every day, I want something different with a variety of dishes but many places are not Toronto or Canada, they don’t have readily have food from different ethnicities. You may have to search hard and even if you find them, they may not be as good.

One of the reasons why I luv my beloved city of Toronto is the fact that there are so many multi-cultural restaurants serving amazing tasty cultural food. They are readily available and easy to find plus they are top quality. If you want Korean food, you got Korean restaurants. If you want Greek food, there are Greek restaurants. That’s the beauty about living in Toronto, Canada

Here are my Top 13 comfort food items that I crave to eat after I return from my travels:

1) Pho – Vietnamese Cuisine

I luv pho! I luv beef pho! The large big bowl of broth, beef, noodles made me feel so comforting. And it’s reasonably good price. Pho is my favourite comfort food whenever I return from my travels plus if I am tipsy after a drinking evening, the broth soak up the alcohol very fast. I usually order the restaurants “Pho Special” featuring a variety of everything beef parts they offer. From raw beef, cooked beef, beef tendon, beef tripe, beef balls, beef brisket, it’s delicious!

beef pho2) Wonton + Beef Brisket Soup Noodles – Chinese Cuisine

3) Pork Bone Soup – Korean Cuisine

4) Ramen – Japanese Cuisine

5) Congee + Stir Fry Noodles – Chinese Cuisine

Boil dried salt fish with pork bone congee

6) All-you-can-eat Sushi + Sashimi – Japanese Cuisine

Hamachi sashimi

7) Dim Sum – Chinese Cuisine

8) Chinese Hot Pot – Chinese Cuisine

Chinese hot pot

(Photo Credit: Food Network)

9) Korean BBQ – Korean Cuisine

10) Seafood Dinner Combo – Chinese Cuisine

11) Chinese BBQ Rice – Chinese Cuisine

12) Cha Chaan Teng Cafe – Chinese Western Fusion Cuisine

13) Power Big Breakfast – Canadian Cuisine

Power Breakfast with fried eggs

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