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IMG_6036Hey Peeps!

I just got back from my Myrtle Beach Customized Individual Press Trip and I had a blast! Before this Press Trip, I have never been to Myrtle Beach. I heard the city name before from my friends and colleagues but all they told me about this city is that it is a great destination for golf courses and beaches. Although this assumption still holds true that Myrtle Beach is still a perfect place for golf courses and beaches, but this city has a lot more to offer for peeps who are looking for something more and quite possibly non-golfers such as myself.

This is one major reason why my MoVernie Crew decided to make a MOVE to visit this city. We wanted to investigate if there are any cool activities for us to do, especially our followers comprise of young professionals, young couples, young families and millennial who are consistently looking for hidden gems, hotspots and cool activities to do. So….our MoVernie’s Mission is to focus on the food tourism scenes, nightlife and outdoor activities that we will find it attractive.

In the next coming weeks, you will get to learn more about Myrtle Beach and you can get all the exclusive information on how to maximize your stay in Myrtle Beach.

All-in-all, Myrtle Beach is definitely a great destination. It is less than 2 hours flight by flying Porter Airlines from Billy Bishop Airport, which is located right at the downtown core that provides direct flights to Myrtle Beach. Everything in the Myrtle Beach is so conveniently located in close proximity without traffic jams that we so used to experience in the6ix. Myrtle Beach have great restaurants that provide amazing culinary skills along with fresh seafood and other delicious food offerings. Most importantly, the prices for these food and drinks are super economical. Even if you covert our weak Canadian dollar, the price of the meal in Myrtle Beach is way cheaper. Let’s just say, “Half the food prices you pay in Toronto but twice the freshness of the food you order in Myrtle Beach”.

IMG_5297In summary, if my peeps ask me if I would go back to Myrtle Beach again? Without hesitation, I will definitely go back again. Personally, I think it’s a perfect mini get-away vacation for peeps who want to get a nice sun tan, hot weather, awesome beaches, fresh seafood and other special restaurants, outlet mall shopping, nightlife chilling and outdoor activities. It’s definitely not a place that you need to stay for more than a week per say (although you can do that, drive around to other cities nearby such as Charleston and chill), but 4-5 days stay at Myrtle Beach would be my recommended suggestion.

IMG_5374If what I mentioned above sounds like a good fit to you, that means you should consider and research Myrtle Beach, South Carolina as a possible destination for you and your friends, families or loved ones.

IMG_5916Our stay at Myrtle Beach was paid for by Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce as part of our press trip. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own. For more photos, tweets and videos check out #MyMyrtleBeach and @MyMyrtleBeach on Twitter & Instagram!

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