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You know MoVernie is ALWAYS on the MOVE, looking for good food, awesome hot spots and hidden gems and share with you guys. Beginning tomorrow and next week, MoVernie & MoKenny will be flying to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on a Customized Individual Press Trip and explore what this city has to offer.


Photo Credit: Visit Myrtle Beach

I have never been to this city but I am always curious. My friends told me that Myrtle Beach has nice golf courses and beaches. But for me, I want to find out more! I want to get the best out of Myrtle Beach and find out all the hidden gems that not many people know about. Myrtle Beach is more than just golf courses and beaches. Better yet, there are lots of good stuff to do for young professionals, young couples and millenials and MoVernie will be there to find out! Stay tuned!


Photo Credit: Visit Myrtle Beach

In this Press Trip, our focus is on the Food Tourism scene, nightlife hot spots and outdoor activities. Did you know Myrtle Beach has lots of great seafood? Furthermore, it has a Culinary Institute that teaches and train the future rising chefs? There are lots to do and we will show you around.

Special thank you to the Tourism of Myrtle Beach and the vendors for your kind hospitality.

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Photo Credit: Visit Myrtle Beach


Photo Credit: Visit Myrtle Beach


Photo Credit: Visit Myrtle Beach



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