NAIAS 2016 – What to Expect at the Lincoln Showroom


2017 Lincoln Continental

Lincoln, the luxury division from Ford Motors company has been doing a great job designing and pumping out high-end vehicles that meets its consumers’ needs. In the past few years at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), Lincoln has been doing a great job giving surprises to the media and to the consumers of what’s in store with its brand. Last year, Lincoln unveiled its 2016 MKX luxury SUV. This year at the 2016 NAIAS is no different, Lincoln unveiled another good looking luxury vehicle to the press with its 2017 Continental.


Lincoln MKX

As some of you may recalled, Continental was a household name for Lincoln back in the 80s, it was a vehicle that sets new standards and consists of many state-of-the-art advanced technologies back then. By mid to late 90s, unfortunately, with the oil crisis and the shift of people wanting smaller cars, Lincoln discontinued the model.

However, Continental is back and after checking it out personally at NAIAS, I am confident that this name plate will be here to stay for a long time. I have to say, this vehicle is one of the highlights of the show. It has a very luxury, edgy Lincoln grill, a high-end colour body paint and finishing it up with a nice rear taillight design. Inside, the interior was full of goodies of technologies and refined material throughout the entire cabin.


2017 Lincoln Continental

The exterior chrome door handles impressed me the most because the Lincoln designers had cleverly blended the door handles and located them at the bottom of the window linings on the 4 doors. If you look from afar, you wouldn’t noticed the door handles were actually there. It added a more flow and improve aerodynamics to the vehicle.


Lincoln sales has been increasing every year and in particular, it is breaking new ground in the new China sales share. Continental will be a great addition to the already solid line-up of luxury vehicles for Lincoln.

Every Lincoln vehicles come with a specific nomenclature but I am very glad that Lincoln kept the “Continental” name plate to this vehicle. It’s a very wise move.

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