Nakwon Korean Restaurant – Korean BBQ (Richmond Hill)


There are a number of Nakwon locations but this time, we chose to dine at the Richmond Hill location. This location has plenty of free parking and the indoor dine-in is spacious and the BBQ area is big and comfy as well. Note: They don’t have outdoor patio, just indoor.

The AYCE Korean BBQ at $32.99 CDN + tax per person was a good value proposition.

So many delicious side dishes, dipping sauce, lettuce for wraps and meat quality are pretty reasonable. Not many Korean BBQ offers prawns and squid but they do it here.

In particular, we like the BBQ short ribs, pork belly, bouncy squid, spam meat and the beef brisket.

Each table gets to choose one hot food item and we chose pork bone soup.

Service was amazing! The staff works super hard, attentive and they drop the meat for you to the grill and then come back periodically to cut the meat and cook for you and they changed the grill non-stop to ensure your meat aren’t dryly overcooked.

We will definitely come back! Great service!

PS – If you don’t want Korean BBQ, you can order a la carte with bento boxes options, individual hot food dishes as well.

Nakwon Korean Restaurant – Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Address: 9625 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 5T2
Phone: (905) 737-9999



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