NBA All-Star Weekend – Setting Up




Today is on Monday, I had decided to make a walk after work, just to see if there’s any happening at the Air Canada Centre (ACC). As predicted, while the Toronto Raptors were playing against the Pistons in Detroit, the hardworking ACC staffs was already busy setting up the 2016 NBA All-Star Game, to be played this weekend in Toronto. This is the first time that the NBA Festivity is held outside of the United States.

I walked around Gate 2 and saw an artwork on the ground. It’s a beautiful piece resembling the official NBA All-Star Game logo. I also walked into the Real Sports Apparel, just to see what type of merchandize was in there. Wow! Almost the entire store was full of NBA All-Star merchandize, but be prepare to bring your fat wallet because everything isn’t cheap. A snapback was around $31.99 + tax.


As I walked around outside of the ACC, near the Gate 5, where the giant jumbotron was located, I saw the staffs was starting to put the images of the NBA All-Star players who will be participating in the game. In particular, I got a bit emotional when our very own Toronto Raptors, DeMar DeRozan’s image was slowing putting up the window wall. To me, it was a defying moment for me to stand from afar and saw his image on the window wall. We have a winning team who is currently 2nd place in the Eastern Conference. We got a player in Kyle Lowry who was voted in as the starting PG for the Eastern Conference. In total, we have 2 Toronto Raptors representing Toronto, actually, the entire Canada and will be participating in the NBA All-Star game on home soil.


I am super excited right now. I have never had these much Goosebumps before, not interviewing celebrities or game 7 of a playoff game. But this once-in-a-lifetime experience will be unforgettable in my memory!

Go Raptors! Go NBA All-Star Weekend! Go Toronto! Go Canada!

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