New Year’s Eve – MoKenny’s House Party – EPIC Feast


Happy New Year to everyone! Best wishes to you and your loved ones in 2020! Can you believe this? We are entering a new decade! I look forward to this new chapter of my life in 2020!

I hope everyone has a safe and a joyful New Year’s Eve and a wonderful New Year countdown. My bro, aka MoKenny is a foodie but he is also a great home chef. He doesn’t cook often coz he is busy but when he has the time, he really have passion to cook and he has mastered quite a number of signature dishes.

To celebrate the new decade, MoKenny hosted a house party at his home. I have to say, this was an EPIC feast. This was a house party that I would always remembered. MoKenny prepared a number of amazing dishes. More insane was the fact that he pretty much prepared and cooked most of the dishes by himself coz I am not a good cook and many people doesn’t know exactly how he wants to prepare and cook his dishes. Many peeps including myself bought gifts, alcoholic drinks, some food and dessert to complement the main courses made by MoKenny.

Let me show you exactly what we ate at the New Year’s Eve House Party. I am confident that you will also agree that the dishes we had was EPIC. Every dish consists of fresh ingredients that I love dearly. I will always remembered the happy faces by the guests. Many of them were impressed and surprised the type of high quality delicious food that my bro can make. And I also like how happy my bro is when he sees people are enjoying themselves and having a good time at his house party.

MoVernie Fun FACT: Did you know….MoKenny’s house has no mircowave. He doesn’t like or believe in reheating or cooking using microwave. Everything he cooks will be fresh and be prepared from his stove.


– Freshly shucked oysters
– Sushi platter
– Jumbo cocktail shrimps
– Steamed mussels
– Roasted bone marrow

His neighbour came over and brought in some fresh oysters. Thank you to JenJen and Dave for shucking all the fresh oysters. We know it’s not easy to shuck 50+ of the oysters.

Another Jen (so many Jens at the house party) brought in a very nice sushi platter. The raw fishes were top quality. In particular, the sea urchin and fish roe sushi were amazing. I have never seen sea urchin and fish roe in one sushi before.

Another good shareable appetizer is the jumbo cocktail shrimps. The Rosé was a perfect match.

MoKenny prepared his signature steam mussels with bits of tomatoes, onions, cilantro and he loves to use saffron into the broth. The broth is super creamy and it’s addictive. I drank them all as if they were soup. Laura brought in her home made bread which was perfect dip with the broth.

MoKenny then served up another master piece with the oven baked roasted bone marrow. It’s one of my beloved dish. I love bone marrow. I love to take some of the marrow out and tasted it straight up. Then, I put some of them on top of the bread and eat it. And lastly, after I took out the bone marrow from the bones, there was butter and oil, so I used another piece of bread and scrape the butter and oil off the bone. Trust me, you will thank me later.

Main Course:

– Oven roasted prime rib
– Pan grilled jumbo shrimps
– Pan seared scallops
– Oven roasted tomahawk steak

– Warmed pie
– The Keg signature ice cream cake
– Whole bunch of other goodies
(Sorry, I was so happy that I forgot to take photos of the dessert)

Champagne; Prosecco, Beer and Cocktails

We had tons of alcoholic drinks to celebrate.

NOTE: Everyone who drinks, make sure you take an Uber or Lyft or Taxi. Never drink and drive. Or find a designed driver to drive you home or stay at the host place until the next day when you are ok to drive. Be considerate and be safe!

Special thank you to my bro, MoKenny for having me to his house party, for cooking, preparing all the wonderful food. This is definitely an amazing house party. A New Year’s Eve EPIC Feast to remember and what a great way to enter the new decade in style!



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