Next Door Restaurant – Unionville


Next Door Restaurant - Unionville

When my friends told me that they are going to “Next Door” to have brunch, I asked them to repeat, “What? What? What do you mean next door?”. Then, they told me Next Door is a restaurant. Interesting name.

Next Door has just recently been opened and it’s located in the beautiful Main Street of Unionville, one of the popular spots for peeps to walk around, chill and enjoy a nice relaxing outdoor day. Today is a perfect day for us to grab brunch at Next Door and we decided to sit outside the patio overlooking the beautiful man-made pond. If you opt to sit inside, you will see a tidy, modern, chic, bright decor. One side is the dining room and the other side has high stool chairs and tables next to the bar area. I felt very calm and relax walking into this space. It feels like you can enjoy a nice craft beer and delicious food in a downtown setting but you are actually situated in Unionville. To me, this is great! You can enjoy this dining experience without the need to drive all the way to downtown to feel such vibe.

Next Door Restaurant - UnionvilleNext Door has a number of interesting and unique food items from poached eggs, avocado toast to mushroom toast to pork and beans just to name a few. When the food items arrived at our table, we were impressed with its plate presentation. The French Toast, it’s totally unexpected, a popsicle with French Toast? I was impressed, it definitely open your mind.

Next Door Restaurant - UnionvilleThis is a nice spot in Unionville that gives this Old Victorian street something inspiring, something unique and something that is out of the ordinary, giving this Main Street some new positive energy with its cool food items and beverages selections.

Next Door
Address: 2G6, 139 Main St Unionville, Markham, ON L3R
Phone: (905) 604-6983

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Next Door Restaurant - UnionvilleNext Door Restaurant - UnionvilleNext Door Restaurant - UnionvilleNext Door Restaurant - UnionvilleNext Door Restaurant - UnionvilleNext Door Restaurant - Unionville


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