(NOW OPEN) Hershey’s Kitchen Toronto – Pop Up Shop – Scotia Plaza PATH Level


Life is SUPER sweet when Hersheys’ Kitchen is now open and I can buy my own customize cookie and eat it while it’s hot out of the oven.

This Hershey’s Kitchen is a Pop Up shop located at the PATH level at the Scotia Plaza (40 King Street West, located across Winners & the convenience store).

It’s open daily from 7:00 am – 7:00 pm and this Pop Up will be available to the public until Christmas Eve (December 24th).

You can buy the following items here at the Pop Up:
– hot chocolate beverage
– famous Hershey’s chocolates
– Signature pre-made cookie
– Customize cookie

MoVernie TIP: If you have time and don’t mind waiting, I recommend you to order the customize cookie. You pay at the cashier (debit/credit). Then, you can either get the receipt via a text to your Smartphone or via email.

Then you walk to the cookie station. You show the staff your electronic receipt and then you begin customize your

Step #1: You choose either classic dough or peanut butter dough.

Step #2: Choose 3 toppings. There are about 9 toppings to choose from, mainly different Hershey’s chocolate.

Step #3: Then the staff will mix the toppings with the dough, flatten it out like a cookie and then put it in the hot oven. Wait for about 2 minutes and your creation out of the oven. When I tried the cookie, it’s nice, fresh, soft and hot and tasty. At $3.50 + tax, it’s about $4 cookie. I think it’s worth the wait for your creation and it’s delicious and for the price.



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