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Peeps! In the past few months, there were lots of hype about Drake’s latest restaurant called “Pick 6ix“. We have seen Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and other celebs threw some private parties at this venue but no one knows when it is going to open.

Well….the wait is finally over! Coz Pick 6ix is now officially open to the public. However, if you go to the Pick 6ix website, you know the site is pretty basic right now, there is no food or cocktail menu, so you wouldn’t know what type of food they are serving or the prices. No worries, coz I had just made my 1st visit to Pick 6ix and I am happy to show you the cocktail menu, food menu and the inside look at Pick 6ix with the links below.

See below on the Pick 6ix cocktail menu.

During our first visit, we decided to sit at the bar area, chatting with the bartenders, getting an idea what this restaurant is all about, in terms of the drinks, cocktails, the concept of the theme decor, the food and etc. More like a vibe-filler before we head for a musical theatre show.

We ordered a cocktail as suggested by the bartender, it’s called “Lucuma Loca“, consists of Buddha’s hand Bombay East, ginger sour, lucuma, white peach puree and prosecco. It was super photogenic with a flower and gold flakes, just the way Drizzy likes his gold themed colour. Just to add, it was tasty at $12 (before tax). I ordered a pint of Hoegaarden beer coz I want to check out what they have on tap for fresh keg of beer. They also have Stella Artois, Mill Street Organic and Belgian Moon at $9.25 (before tax). Prices are on-point for downtown financial standards.

Next time, I will order the “Passion Punch”, perhaps it should tastes similar to Drake’s song, “Passion Fruit”.

Click here to check out the Pick 6ix food menu.

Click here to my MoVernie BLOG on what Pick 6ix looks like from inside.

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