(Now Open) Sansotei Ramen – Union Station – Toronto, Canada


To all the foodies out there, especially the ramen lovers, Sansotei has opened another new location. Most of us know very well about this franchise ramen shop, Sansotei, which has set up shops in many locations in the GTA area. This time, they have opened a shop at the food court located inside the Toronto Union Station.

Today, first day back from the New Year, I have decided to make a short track to check out this location. When I was there, it was around 12:30 pm, which is during lunch time. There were about 12 people in front of me. I am guessing many peeps are still on vacation, so expect a longer than normal lineup when people are returning back to normal working schedule. Or perhaps you can try going during non-busy hours like 11:00 am or after 2:30pm.

Anyhow, its signature ramen are available at this Toronto Union Station location as well. Tonkotsu; Tonkotsu Black, Miso Black, Shoyu, Spicy Tantan and Tomato ramen are available. If you want to order snacks such as gyoza (pork dumplings) and seaweed salad are available as well.

I ordered my usual Tonkotsu Black just so I can taste this ramen at this Union Station and compared it from other Sansotei locations. After about a 10-minute wait, my ramen was ready. Unlike other dine-in Sansotei shop, since this Union Station is located in a food court, they use paper container to serve the ramen. So, you won’t be served with the big bowls that are normally found at other locations. But that’s ok, we have to be versatile and besides, this take out style packaging works better for peeps who work at nearby business buildings or commuters who are heading home from work.

Moment I opened the lid, I could see the steam coming out from the nice Tonkotsu Black. The broth tasted as good as other locations. I love it when the broth is nice and hot. The black fungus, the green onions, the pork, and the ramen were well-executed. Same great taste! I have to applaud the quality control, every location seems to provide that same level of consistency. In terms of price, it is the same price as other locations.

My verdict? If I have a choice, of course I prefer to dine in experience with a big bowl of ramen, using real chop sticks and Japanese spoon at other Sansotei locations. But if you are nearby the Union Station, this new Sansotei is good as well. The flavour and the broth were consistent and equally tasty. The only minor imperfection is the plastic spoon. The relatively smaller size container (as compared to the big bowl at other locations) was a bit difficult for me to use my wooden chop sticks to pull out the pork meat. The plastic spoon was too swallow and can’t properly scoop out the broth. After I consumed 2/3 of the broth, I couldn’t use the spoon anymore to scoop out the rest. Instead, I had to use my two hands, held up the container, tilted it and then slurp the rest of the broth. Otherwise, it was a nice experience. And quite honestly, it’s about time to have a ramen shop located at the Union Station.

Try it yourself and let me know what you order and how was your dining experience.

Sansotei Union
Website: www.Sansotei.com
Address: Toronto Union Station, Lower Food Court Level, 65 Front Street West, Toronto, ON
Phone: 416-861-9770



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