(NOW OPEN) The Haam Toronto – East Asian Fusion Kitchen + Bar


This week, a few days before its official grand opening to the public, The Haam Toronto invited a handful of lucky Foodie Influencers to attend its private tasting party. This included us and it was a pleasure to get to try its food items ahead of the public.

The Haam Toronto is a sister restaurant from the well-known restaurant called “Saku“. At The Haam, it is an East Asian Fusion restaurant. It’s conveniently located at 342 Adelaide Street West, so it’s very accessible by taxi, streetcar or driving, you can find parking around the area.

The moment we walked in, there were two sides of the sitting configurations. One side, it’s lower tables, chairs. On the other end, it’s high stools and tables. Since the space isn’t too big and it’s a bit narrow, this special “high-low” configuration is a genius way to make the patrons more spacious and relax, coz you don’t have peeps’ back against you, so I appreciate that.

We got to try 6 different food items and let me tell you, I luv them all! I really do. Every food item is tasty, with the ingredient that is well-known to people but with a twist. For example, have you ever have mac n cheese but with heat and spicy to it? I tried it here at The Haam and is cheesy and tasty at the same time. A perfect dish for photo opportunities.

Overall, I will come back and try more food items. In fact, next time I want to order some cocktails along with some of the food items. This spot will be a new hot spot. It has great decor, ambience, vibe, music, everything is just on point. Price are reasonably priced, ranges from $13 to $25 CDN.

I will definitely come back! Special thank you to The Haam Toronto for having us.

The Haam Toronto
342 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, ON


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