(Now Open) Toronto Sport Club – Private Member ONLY Viewing Sporting Events Venue (Leafs, Raptors, Jays) – Toronto, Canada


Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, many sports leagues have been shut down for a few months. For example, baseball (MLB), basketball (NBA), hockey (NHL), football (NFL) and many others, just to name a few. As sports fans, we have to watch re-run of the NBA Championships or some old classics over and over again and it gets boring fast.

Well…the wait for live sports is finally over! Although the fans still can’t watch any in-person live games but we can at least start to watch live sports on TV. And as the city of Toronto and other parts of the provinces are starting to reopen, restaurants and bars are allowed to have patrons chilling at the patio as well as inside the premise (with a limited number of customers).

Toronto Sport Club, a members only club to view sports games inside the 32,000 square feet of space with LED boards, TV screens and projector screens is now open with the grand opening today on Saturday, August 1st. Basically, a person will pay for an annual membership fee, then have access to bring along their friends/families/clients to watch the sports games at the Toronto Sport Club while enjoying food and drinks and hanging out.

Here are some of the highlights about Toronto Sport Club:

A Members only, invite club for viewing sports.

• Located inside the historic Exhibition Grounds, (Hub City) and an expansive 32,000 sq. ft. space with LED Boards, TV screens and projection screens.

• An optimal venue for all the social distancing needs of avid sports fans.

• A private indoor viewing space equipped with all the luxuries of an arena/stadium box.

• A New safe place to entertain clients and friends

• Members can allow access to friends, clients and colleagues to use their suite throughout season without member being present.

I have been invited by Toronto Sport Club & its PR Agency to check it out with my friends and see for ourselves. How many people am I allow to bring per visit? Is there any minimum of spending on food and drinks if I am at the club? How’s the cleaning & safety protocols inside the club? Are people abiding physical distancing? So many questions, but I know these are questions many of you would be interested to know as well. Stay tuned as my crew and I got will check this sport club out and will tell you our feedback.

I think if this club serves good food, drinks and provide good service and maintaining safety measures, there is a potential for many prospects who wants to become a member. Let me tell you why! In the past, many executives and companies will purchase a box suite to bring their clients to the Scotiabank Theatre or Rogers Centre to watch a Leafs, Raptors, Blue Jays games in person. But with no fans being allowed to watch the games in-person for the time being, these arenas are not open to allow such client events to happen. So, executives will need to find a venue space to help them host their clients and the Toronto Sport Club will be a nice alternative.

Toronto Sport Club grand opening is on Saturday, August 1, 2020 and people will get to watch the Raptors vs Lakers regular NBA re-start game! Scroll down below to check out the rest of the Leafs & Raptors schedule.

Toronto Sports Club
Website: www.torontosportclub.com
Address: 15 Saskatchewan Rd., Toronto, ON
Phone: 416-595-5554
Instagram: @TorontoSportClub

The Toronto Sport Club grand opening event was hosted by the Toronto Sport Club. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.

(Photo Credit) Toronto Sport Club


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