Nuit Blanche 2022 Toronto – Overnight Outdoor Art Installations


Nuit Blanche 2022 is back and it’s still happening right now until 6:00 AM sunrise time!

This year’s theme for the overnight art event is “The Space Between Us,” with exhibits based on connections to places all “while bridging cultures and connecting communities and the environment.”

In the past, as far as I know, Nuit Blanche focuses in the downtown core areas but this year, the focus is still at the downtown core, but they have now extended the art installations into the Scarborough and Etobicoke areas, so this is super beneficial to those people who doesn’t live in downtown and prefer not to make a track all the way to downtown but now can still enjoy outdoor art installations at the other aforementioned areas.

Below are some of the art installations that we saw during our walk around. Mind you, we decided to be adventurous and not look at the map, so we wanted to go with the flow and see where it leads us. Hope you enjoy some of the art installations that we saw during our relaxing walk.

The weather was actually super perfect for Nuit Blanche as it’s sunny and no rain. Temperature was cool but not super cold and not super hot, it felt just right!



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