Numbing Spicy Chicken Wings – Hong Shing Toronto Chinese Restaurant


When I was looking at all the yummy food items on the Hong Shing take out food menu, I noticed there was 1 new food item that I have never heard before. It’s called “Numbing Spicy Chicken Wings”.

What on earth is “Numbing”? At one point, I thought it’s a Chinese region somewhere in China. Coz most often, food items refer to a region, such as Szechuan Hotpot, Hong Kong Congee, Shanghai Noodles or Beijing Peking duck.

So….I decided to google, apparently, the word “Numbing” when googled related to articles about Szechuan peppercorns that has an unique aroma plus a chilli spicy flavour. And it causes a “numbing” sensation.

LOL, now it makes sense, numbing sensation from numbing chicken wings.

So, I have decided to give these Numbing chicken wings a try.

When the take out arrived at my door step, I opened up the take out box and indeed, there was an unique aroma coming out from the Numbing chicken wings. It reminded me of the spicy, chilli Szechuan hotpot broth. The smell is strong and the taste is spicy.

So, I took a bite, it didn’t feel much, but after about 10 seconds, my mouth started to have a little bit of numbing sensation, but it’s not crazyly numb, but it did cause a bit of sensation.

I would say this, I enjoyed this Numbing Szechuan chicken wings, it smells interesting and tastes interesting. I enjoyed a bit of the numbing sensation, the heat and spice and herbs coming from the dry rub.

I would highly recommend it as it’s something totally different and you wouldn’t be able to order such flavour from any wings places. That’s what I like about Hong Shing, they are always open minded and putting on a twist with its food and bring new senses and tastes to its already amazing stable food items. If you are bored with its regular crispy chicken wings, perhaps give the Numbing spicy chicken wings a try next time.

Hong Shing Toronto Chinese Restaurant
Address: 195 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5G 1C7
Phone: (416) 977-3338


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