One of the Smallest Jailhouse in Canada – Coboconk, Ontario, Canada [ONTARIO TRAVEL SERIES]


So…..there are tons of towns who claim they have the smallest jailhouse in Canada or North America. Apparently, the township of Coboconk, Ontario claims they have the smallest jailhouse in Canada. Anyhow, there are other towns who claims theirs are the smallest. For me, that’s up for debate. To play it safe, Coboconk is considered to have one of the smallest jailhouse.

Since the cottage that we were staying, Saucy Willow Inn is located at Coboconk and it’s only 3-minute drive from the cottage to the small jailhouse, I thought it was worth my time to check it out. The tiny jailhouse is located at 11 North Water Street beside Thompson’s Marina. The building was constructed by Albert Ryckman in about 1890 using limestone from the local quarry.

In my opinion, the small jailhouse is a bit overrated. If you there weren’t signs around it, it doesn’t look like a jailhouse at all. It looks more like a tiny brickhouse. Located beside a ATV repair shop and located across the Home Hardware House doesn’t help either. It felt like the tiny brickhouse is being ignored or abandoned along a side street. The only thing I could see it being a jail is that…there are no windows on all sides of the building.

Anyhow, it’s still pretty cool to check it out while we are staying in the township of Coboconk. Since 1973, this small jailhouse has become a craft shop.

Caboconk Small Jailhouse – Caboconk, Ontario, Canada
Address: 11 North Water Street, Coboconk, Ontario, K0M 1K0, Canada
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