Ontario Corn Fed Beef – Ajax Downs Tour (BLOG Series #2)


Ontario Corn Fed Beef is naturally great tasting! But what exactly is Ontario Corn Fed Beef (OFCB)? Why is it able to produce great tasting meat? Who are the people and communities involved that make this program such a success? How do they maintain the consistent quality of this beef?

I, MoVernie, is as curious as you, wanting to find out more about our food sources. As more people prefer to “Shop local, eat local and support local“. It’s part of my mission to gather more information and share KEY content with all of you about Ontario Corn Fed Beef. By being on the MOVE on beefy farm tour, visiting feedlots, cattle farms, restaurants and grocery stores that serve Ontario Corn Fed Beef, I will be able to find these answers. In this MoVernie x Ontario Corn Fed Beef BLOG series, you will be able to understand how Ontario Corn Fed Beef Program operates in various aspects from different parts of the agricultural industries.

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Ajax DownsA few weeks ago, I was on an Ontario Corn Fed Beef Tour, checking out the supermarket (Zehrs) that sells Ontario Corn Fed Beef and we also visited Georgian Downs Race Track, which is part of Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG), its restaurant inside the casino serves Ontario Corn Fed Beef.  I also got to check out the cow feedlots as well as the farm that raise the calves. It was a fascinating beefy tour journey.

This past Saturday, the Ontario Corn Feed Beef Tour 2.0 continues to Ajax Downs, which is also owned by the OLG and is also a venue that has a restaurant called “Getaway” that serves Ontario Corn Fed Beef. Furthermore, Ajax Downs also provide slots machines and horse races for peeps to visit and enjoy some good entertainment.

Ajax DownsAs you know, MoVernie loves surprises and loves Exclusive VIP experiences. The OLG invited both me and my guest, which I brought along my buddy, Nitin (whom I met on GO Train a few years back. Yes, you can actually make new friends while riding the GO Train, it’s based on the true story). The OLG sent a beautiful, long stretch limo at my place. It was a beautiful Saturday morning and we were all smiles when the limo arrived.

The limo driver came out and greeted us. She was very courteous and opened the back door for us. The moment we walked in there, the limo was super roomy. This limo came with 2 seats in the front, facing the 2 seats at the back seat, forming a cozy dining table type of seating. Located right in the middle was a wooden table with a bucket and wine glass.

Nitin and I started off the day right with a nice bottle of red wine that I bought from the Niagara region during my last iYellow Wine Club tour. Music was being played throughout the journey and after about 30 minutes of ride, we had arrived to Ajax Downs. I got to say, I have never heard of Ajax Downs until one time my colleague told me about it.

Ajax DownsAs we walked into the main lobby, we were greeted by the two lovely PR ladies. Their names were Caitlyn and Jaime. As we walked through the lobby, we saw a beautiful red hot brand new Chevrolet Camaro on display. They told us that this is the first time they have a car as a grand prize at Ajax Downs, so this is something they wanted to try and to provide interesting prizes for the players.

Ajax DownsWe also saw a Responsible Gaming Resource Centre (rgrc), which is a centre filled with information and educational materials to educate the players not to be addicted into gambling, the impact that affects their lives and treat betting and slot machines as a leisure activity.

Ajax DownsThen, we walked into the entrance, got our IDs checked by the security guards and we entered into the main area where all the slot machines, the virtual Black Jack stations and many cool machines such as the Britney Spears or Game of Thrones slot machines were located. I was impressed how jam packed this place was in the early afternoon.

Caitlyn and Jamie then guided us outside to the back of the building to check out the race track. After my few recent visits to race track such as the Woodbine Race Track, I felt in love with horse racing, it’s a leisure lifestyle, especially during a Sunday Funday. Unfortunately, during our visit, horse races don’t happen on the weekends at Ajax Downs during the fall season but instead, happening during the weekdays. Oh yeah, it was still a treat to check out the race track.

Ajax DownsWe were shown the VIP Private Party Room and it was a good space with patio tables and chairs and a garage type of door opened up the rest of the private room space. The VIP Private Room is perfect for private corporation functions or team bonding parties. We were told that during the summer, the race track field area were setup with a stage for a “Summer Series” of popular concerts and live bands. I would love to check out next summer.

Ajax DownsAfter all the walking and checking out various rooms, Nitin and I were both super hungry. The lovely PRs guided us back to the restaurant called “Getaway” for lunch. They seated us at a semi-circular table booth and our menu was nicely placed for us.

Ajax DownsEach of us got to choose an appetizer, an entree, which was the 10 oz Ribeye Steak dinner, served with Ontario Corn Fed Beef, along with vegetables and mashed potatoes. Then, we either got to choose a carrot cake or bread budding that we were told were made in-house.

Ajax DownsAs I glanced through the menu, the menu covered lots of many different varieties of food. The prices were very competitive and reasonable. In fact, they have many specials each day for the patrons. For example, on Sundays and Mondays, they served Ontario Corn Fed 10oz Ribeye Steak Dinner at $15.99. On Thursdays, they served burger night at $6.99. These are incredible prices.

Ajax DownsNow, in case you don’t feel like ordering an Ontario Corn Fed ribeye steak, what do you do? You can always order a steak sandwich or a beef burger, it is still being served with Ontario Corn Fed Beef.

Nitin ordered the pot roasted beef soup, meanwhile I ordered the cream of asparagus. It was delicious!

Ajax Downs Ajax DownsNitin ordered a gin & tonic meanwhile I ordered a beer to pair with the Ontario Corn Fed ribeye steak. The moment the ribeye steak arrived, I was so delighted. It looked very juicy from the outside and the grill marks and the smell of the grill were evident on the steak. I love that aroma. After the first cut, I could see some blood flowing out, exactly how I like it, I love my steak in “medium rare” fashion. This steak was perfectly cooked.

Ajax DownsQuite honestly, after the full plate of ribeye steak lunch, both of us were full. But we got to solider on to try the in-house carrot cake and the bread budding with caramel sauce. Oh man, when both desserts arrived, we were speechless. The proportion was insane! They were huge! The server told us that the size is like that for everyone, not because we are Exclusive VIP. As I checked the menu, it costs ONLY $5.99!!! Are you kidding me? That’s very good price! Trust me, you can order one dessert and you could share among 4 people.

Ajax Downs Ajax DownsI highly recommended the bread budding, it’s nice and warm and the caramel sauce was incredible. Super good texture on the bread pudding. After a comfy meal like this, we were starting to get sleepy. Luckily, Caitlyn and Jamie guided us out of the Getaway restaurant and guided us to the registration table to register to be a member to play the slot machines. The registration was super easy as the staff walked us through the whole process and we got $5 in our card as a new member. On top of that, we got $25 game play for OLG to give us some opportunity to win some money and experience some of the slot machines.

Ajax DownsSo, in total, we each got $30 to test our luck. Nitin and I love the virtual reality Black Jack, not only there was a gorgeous virtual reality dealer to serve us cards but we just love Black Jack. At the end of a few rounds, Nitin won $100 and I won $50. Not bad eh? We enjoyed a nice meal of Ontario Corn Fed ribeye steak, got a tour of the Ajax Downs race track and its private VIP room. Plus, we won money by playing the slot machines. It was a win-win experience.

img_7931After a few hours of fun, it’s time to go home. The limo ride was awesome. The limo driver was courteous, kind and pleasant. She was a good driver, whose driving style was calm and steady, which I appreciate, especially we are drinking our glass of wine that the ride can’t be bumpy. Special shoutout to the Global Alliance Limo Service.

And last but not least, special thank you to the Ajax Downs,  OLG and Ontario Corn Fed Beef for the kind arrangements. If you never visited Ajax Downs, I highly recommend it.

It was a super fun and relaxing day hanging out with my buddy. As I am always on the MOVE 24/7, one sacrifice for me is the lack of time to spend enough time hanging out with my friends and family. So, whenever I get a chance, I cherish every moment of it. I know Nitin had a memorable experience and that’s what I do, I let my friends roll with me and see the type of life I got and we share moments and experiences together. Nitin thank me so many times and told me how amazing this experience was. For me, I never ask anything in return from my family and friends, all I care is that they appreciate and respect what I do for them, that’s enough for me because I always like to see smiles of my peeps’ faces. When they are happy, it makes me happy.

Until next time….to the next Ontario Corn Fed Beef Journey and MoVernie is outta here!

The Ontario Corn Fed Beef Ajax Downs Tour was paid for by Ontario Corn Fed Beef. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own. 

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