Ontario Corn Fed Beef – BBQ Steak – Yurt Camping (BLOG Series #3)


Ontario Corn Fed Beef is naturally great tasting! But what exactly is Ontario Corn Fed Beef (OFCB)? Why is it able to produce great tasting meat? Who are the people and communities involved that make this program such a success? How do they maintain the consistent quality of this beef?

I, MoVernie, is as curious as you, wanting to find out more about our food sources. As more people prefer to “Shop local, eat local and support local“. It’s part of my mission to gather more information and share KEY content with all of you about Ontario Corn Fed Beef. By being on the MOVE on beefy farm tour, visiting feedlots, cattle farms, restaurants and grocery stores that serve Ontario Corn Fed Beef, I will be able to find these answers. In this MoVernie x Ontario Corn Fed Beef BLOG series, you will be able to understand how Ontario Corn Fed Beef Program operates in various aspects from different parts of the agricultural industries.

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Ontario Corn Fed BeefToday is such a warm weather, which is not that common during the early month of November in Toronto but you know what, we all welcome warm weather. As I was talking to my buddies who love steaks, they all told me that they like to BBQ all season long, even in the cold winter. Now, as most of my peeps know that I don’t cook often, I am usually on the MOVE and eat out, so cooking isn’t my forte, but I love eating. So, for me, I was a bit surprised that my friends would brave the cold outside and BBQ their steak and other food items all year long. This is news to me. They told me that “nothing beats a good BBQ steak”.

In my past few Ontario Corn Fed Beef x MoVernie BLOGs, you had already read my #BeefyTour experience with Ontario Corn Fed Beef, travelling on a bus tour up north to Barrie to visit the grocery store that sells Ontario Corn Fed Beef (Zehr’s), the restaurant that serves Ontario Corn Fed Steak (Georgian Downs), cattle fedlot and the baby cow farm.

In this MoVernie BLOG, let’s talk about barbecuing Ontario Corn Fed Beef. I am sure as I am writing about this MoVernie BLOG that with such warm weather out there today, that I know my friends are possibly barbecuing their steak dinner. They did tell me that they are going to buy some Ontario Corn Fed Beef and try them at some point in the future.

This brought back my Yurt Camping experience 2 months ago up north (talking about Throwback Thursdays) when we drove the 2016 Mazda CX-9 up north and spent the long weekend inside a yurt and enjoyed delicious BBQ meals during the camping trip. Our BBQ feast is not your typical hotdogs, hamburgers or chicken wings. We take our BBQ to the next level, think about Korean pork belly with lettuce wrap, squid, fish and pork balls souvlaki, garlic enokitake mushrooms and ribs. Are these food items that I just mentioned make your mouth water?  But…this time, we decided to elevate the feast even higher by bringing along 4 pieces of Ontario Corn Fed Steak. Ontario Corn Fed Steak can be purchased from Loblaws Ontario stores or any grocery stores affiliated to Loblaws such as Zehrs grocery stores.

LoblawsIn case you wonder what is Yurt Camping? A yurt is a circular tent made with a collapsible framework, it was originated and used by nomads in Mongolia, Siberia, and Turkey back in the days. The yurt provided by the Provincial Park is more modern. It still has a circular shape but the outer layer isn’t made with animal skin but plastic material that you find when you purchase a tarp.

Yurt campingInside the cabin, it is mostly made with wooden cabin. There is a wooden dining table, a wooden double bed, a wooden bunk bed and wooden cupboard. Additionally, it usually has a traditional old fireplace so you can warm the room up in the winter or during the summer when temperature drops at night. It comes with modern doors and windows, etc.

Yurt campingOutside the yurt, the Provincial Park provides a deck area where you can setup a bonfire, a table for dinner and a barbecue area. As many of you know I don’t normally cook, so during this yurt camping, my bro, MoKenny (aka my manager) did most of the cooking. Other members, including myself did the food preparation, table setup and cleaning up.

First up were the appetizers, Chef Kenny served the Korean BBQ pork belly and paired them with the lettuce wrap. Then, he served us with the fish balls and beef balls souvlaki and red sausages, it’s more like an Asian-fusion type of food items but they are super popular in the Asian communities, they are a MUST for BBQ! Then, we got some BBQ chicken wings and enokitake mushrooms which he placed them nicely in a wrapped tin foil and put in some garlic sauce to give the veggies some flavour.

Yurt campingThen here comes the main course, the special item of the evening, which was the Ontario Corn Fed Beef. When you go to the Loblaws meat department, just look for the Ontario Corn Fed Beef sticker and you know you purchase the right beef. As the butcher from Loblaws told me that if there is a specific cut or certain way you want them to cut it for you, you can ask them to cut the fresh beef on the spot for you and they are happily to accommodate your preference as best as they can.

Ontario Corn Fed BeefChef Kenny just kept the Ontario Corn Fed Steak nice and simple. He said a thick, good steak like this, you don’t really need to do much, and coz the meat is so flavourful in its own right. He sprinkled some salt & pepper and a little dry rub, he then placed them on the grill. He loves the grill marks on the steak and you could hear the sizzling sound.

Ontario Corn Fed BeefTo pair with the nice steak for the evening, we brought along a nice bottle of Inniskillin Pinot Noir that I got from an exclusive dinner event a month ago. The pairing of the Pinot Noir along with the Ontario Corn Fed Steak was delicious. The steak was nice and thick, tender and juicy. Chef Kenny cooked it with perfection as I prefer medium rare. Now, pairing a cob of corn and Ontario Corn Fed steak was the perfect tandem you could every imagine.

Ontario Corn Fed BeefOverall, it was a great yurt camping trip. And just because it’s camping doesn’t mean we can’t have a good feast. For our MoVernie Crew, we don’t settle for less, we always come up with different food ideas and try to make it a unique camping experience. We will definitely come back for the yurt camping experience again next year and this time…we are bringing more friends. And that means we need to get more Ontario Corn Fed Beef to bring it up north so that more of my peeps can enjoy a fine-dining gourmet steak experience outdoor in the camping ground. Next time, try buying some Ontario Corn Fed Beef for your next camping trip or even BBQ at home, whichever ways work for you!

Until next time…MoVernie is outta here!

In this MoVernie BLOG, I would like to thank Ontario Corn Fed Beef for providing us with the fresh, nice cut of Ontario Corn Fed steak. And of course, I would like to thank my bro, aka Chef Kenny for preparing and cooking such great meals every single night during this yurt camping.

This MoVernie BLOG was paid for by Ontario Corn Fed Beef. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own. 

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