Ontario Corn Fed Beef & Agricultural Industry – Making a Presence on Social Media


Ontario Corn Fed Beef on Social Media Ontario Corn Fed Beef on Social Media

During the #BeefyTour this past September, which was sponsored by the Ontario Corn Fed Beef, a number of Social Media Influencers, including myself got to learn more about how Ontario Corn Fed Beef are produced and we also got to interact with local Ontario Farmers.

One aspect that I was quite impressed is how active the farmers, grocery stores and Ontario Corn Fed Beef staff are on social media. This shows me how forward thinking these people are and how quickly they learn the importance of using social media to communicate with the consumers and with their own colleagues in the industry. Well….sponsoring the Influencers on a #BeefyTour was also a signal that they know how effective and important the Social Media Influencers play an important role in providing a platform for the farmers and others a voice to share their information and content to the tech savvy people on social media.

During the #BeefyTour, farmers such as Bob from Gilbrea Farm told me how farmers use apps to collect data about their cows and also communicate with other farmers in sharing information such as the cow’s DNA.

I was also told that farmers from all parts of Ontario use Twitter to communicate with each other on the latest government regulations or weather conditions throughout the regions. They also tweet to American farmers or farmers in Alberta, Canada. Farmers share ideas and information with each other. In the past, I always thought farmers won’t share secrets, fear the leaking of information would impact their businesses. I was dead wrong, I was told that farmers are a close-knit group, they help each other as they want to continue to grow and build a strong agricultural community together. If a farmer is facing some issues, they will tweet to other farmers for assistance and people will respond and help each other.

The younger farmers are also using Instagram or Twitter to connect with other young farmers. They will also use social media to interact with the consumers. I recalled I tweeted some posts on how I learn more about new farming equipment. A local Ontario farmer tweeted back to me and showed me pictures of the new tractors that he bought that will help him maintain his farm in a more eco-friendly and less time consuming way.

Female young farmers are also increasing in numbers in the agricultural scene and they are making a big difference in contributing back to their farms. Many of them are active on Twitter and are building a strong female brand on Twitter to showcase their influences in the farming industry.

Ontario Corn Fed Beef on Social Media
All these great initiatives by the farmers are indicating to us that they are always forward-thinking. They know what’s the next big trend and they are continuously learning new ways to communicate with their industry peeps as well as finding ways to interact with consumers such as myself who always consume beef but doesn’t live close enough to check out or know enough about the farming industries.

If you have any questions or you are just curious about the agricultural industry, I highly recommend you to following the contacts that I have listed below. Or just type in some hashtags related to agriculture and tweeted to some of these farmers, I am sure many of them are happy to reply back to you and quite possibly interact with you and provide you with more information about their industries and their everyday lives.

Here are a list of cool people in the agricultural industries that I recommend you to follow:

Ontario Corn Fed Beef:
Website: www.ontariocornfedbeef.com
Twitter: @ONCornFedBeef
Facebook: @OntarioCornFedBeef
YouTube: Ontario Corn Fed Beef

Good in Every Grain:
Website: www.goodineverygrain.ca
Twitter: @GoodinGrain
Instagram: @Goodineverygrain
Facebook: @GoodInEveryGrain

Ken Schaus – Ontario Cattle Buyer
Twitter: @KenSchaus

Wendell Schumm – Ruminant Division Manager
Twitter: @WDSchumm

Gilbrea Farm
Facebook: @gilbreafarm

Young Female Farmers:

  1. Laura Cubits: Twitter – @Cubits
  2. Amanda Brodhagen: Twitter – @AmandaBrodhagen

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Ontario Corn Fed Beef on Social Media


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