Orange Patch – Mesa, Arizona


MoVernie Fun Fact: Did you know that Arizona has 5 C’s? They are Copper; Cattle; Cotton; Citrus and Climate.

I honestly didn’t know that until the Visit Mesa Staff informed us during our Spring Training Press Trip. And hence the reason we visited the Orange Patch, the place where we can find citrus.

The Orange Patch is a well-known, family owned orange farm sells fresh oranges, but it also sells lemons, dates, nuts, dried fruit, candies and much much more. To this date, they still retain the historic store front. It reminds me of walking into a cowboy town filled with wooden panels and doors, etc.

One of the family members gave us a tour. In particular, I was very intrigue by the old classic equipment, machinery, conveyor belts that they still use to filter out bad oranges, different sizes of oranges and package them for sale for different prices. It’s quite cool to see a bunch of orange rolling and spinning and being lifted up on a conveyor belt and small ones goes to one batch and medium sized, large sized goes to different compartments.

We got to taste the oranges and they were fresh and delicious. I don’t like bitter oranges so I was glad the oranges that I tasted at the Orange Patch were sweet.

A nice walk to see the orange and lemon trees was a treat and there were tons of them around in this farm. As Digital Content Strategist, I often try to find good spots to take some nice photos. And I found a nice old classic car parked near the trees, so we took turns taking selfies and photo shoot with it, so that was unexpected bonus fun!

Orange Patch
Address: 2600 E Lehi Rd, Mesa, AZ 85213
Phone: (480) 962-4490

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The tour experience at the Orange Patch was provided by Visit Mesa. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.


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