Oscars 2017 – Will La La Land Dominates at The Academy or will it Stumble When it Counts?

#Oscars2017 - The Academy - La La Land

(Photo Credit: La La Land)

There are a lot of buzz and high praises on this La La Land film, starring our very own Canadian Actor, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and directed by Damien Chazelle. In fact, La La Land has the most nominations this year with 14, which ties the record held by both All About Eve & Titanic.

Titanic, as I recalled didn’t win many awards at The Academy, lots of buzz, lots of hype but it won only a few awards. So, I am curious to know, will La La Land follow the same path as the Titanic with lots of hype, lots of nominations but stumble to the ground with just a few awards? Or do you think this film is super solid, The Academy committee love the over story plot and the musical component to crown La La Land the winner at the Oscars?

We will have to find out. But tell me what you think?

Personally, I don’t think La La Land will dominate at the Oscars. As much as I like to support our fellow Canadian, Ryan Gosling and how much I like Emma Stone’s acting, I don’t think La La Land will make as much splash as its nominations.

I think films such as the Hidden Figures, Arrival, Hacksaw Ridge and Moonlight would actually surprise many at The Academy.

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#Oscars2017 - The Academy - La La Land

(Photo Credit: La La Land)


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