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This week, I am On the MOVE with the 2021 Mazda CX-9 Kuro Edition to tour around Ontario as part of my “Ontario Travel Series” segment. And this Kuro Edition is special as it comes with Polymetal Grey Metallic body paint which I like to refer the colour as “Muddy Grey”. It gives this SUV a sporty and luxurious look. With the special black components in this Kuro Edition, it works perfectly with the muddy grey colour scheme.

After driving this CX-9 Kuro Edition for a good few days touring around Ontario, let me give you my overall product review of this ride. I will tell you what are the Pros (What I like) and Cons (What I dislike).

Profile: 2021 Mazda CX-9 Kuro Edition
Body Type: 4 door, 6 passengers (3 rows of seats)*
Trim Level: Kuro Edition
MSRP: $52,233 CDN (as listed on Mazda Canada’s official website)
Engine Type: Skyactiv-G 2.5 T 4-cylinder with Dynamic Pressure Turbo, 250 hp & 320 lb-ft of torque
Transmission: 6-speed automatic
Fuel Consumption: Hwy 9.1L/100 KM (26 mpg), City 11.6L/100 KM 20 mpg)
*Note: The standard seating for this vehicle is 7 passengers. However, for my particular media fleet, it includes the options of 2nd row separated captain seating that doesn’t have a middle seat.


I am very delighted to test drive this brand new 2021 Mazda CX-9 Kuro Edition 黒  in December of 2020. That’s right, 2021 is here soon and thank goodness the new year is coming.

The “Kuro Edition 黒” is a brand new trim level being added to the vast array of different trim levels already being offered in the CX-9 family to accommodate different customers needs and wants. Kuro in Japanese means “Black 黒“. In this Kuro Edition, the focus is on the visual components on both inside and outside of the SUV. The engine output and its specs and performance remains the same with other CX-9 trim levels.

There are a number of black components visible in the outside and inside of the CX-9. Some notable visual cues include the large black glossy front grill. The black rear view mirrors and the 20 inch rims. Inside, you can see the Garnet bright red leather interior with the optional 2nd row captain chairs instead of the 3-seat flatbed that are standards in other CX-9 trim levels or other brands’ SUV.

MoVernie FUN FACT: Currently, there are 3 different Mazda vehicles that offer the Kuro Edition. They are Mazda CX-9; Mazda CX-5 and Mazda6. You can click here to check out the entire Kuro Edition family.

Pros (What I like):

– Sporty & Luxurious Look: The CX-9 Kuro Edition provides the extra black components on the exterior of the CX-9, making it even more sportier and more luxurious.
– Exclusive 2 Choices of Exterior Colour: In order to make this CX-9 Kuro Edition more exclusive than other trim levels. Mazda only offers 2 choices of exterior colour. 1) Polymetal Grey Metallic or 2) Jet Black Mica. For my tester, it comes with the Polymetal Grey Metallic and it gives a nice mix of grey and black colour scheme on this SUV. It all comes down to personal preferences. For myself, since the word “Kuro” in Japanese means “black”, I would prefer the Jet Black along the black components to make it “All-Black” everything. However, both exterior choices are great choices. Mazda surely knows what they are doing. Bravo!
– Garnet Red Leather-Trimmed Interior: As always, Mazda offers one of the best interior layout in the business. From Mazda3 to CX-9, every vehicle, in my opinion comes with a nice user-friendly layout and cockpit. They use high end rich materials for the dashboard, side panels and seating. I really like the colour scheme for the interior. The red, black gloss, chrome works very well in this vehicle.
– Responsive Brakes: The brakes on this CX-9 was very responsive. It gives me a sense of confidence that when I need to brake, the vehicle can stop in a responsive fashion.
– Amazing Acceleration: The CX-9 offers a 2.5L 4-Cylinder turbo engine that pumps out 250 hp, which some other competitors offer their SUVs with more power, some with as much as 280hp or even over 300+ hp. But don’t judge the CX-9 by its paper, this engine is surprisingly smooth and quick. It has a quick acceleration take over, thanks to its 310 lb-ft or torque. I was super impressed with this machine.
– Fun To Drive: CX-9 is one of my favourite SUVs to drive around town, it’s super fun to drive. This is what I found interesting, although it’s a full-size SUV, I don’t find it drive like a bulky truck. Instead, I felt that I am driving a sporty, nimble vehicle. I can’t say that for many other SUVs in the industry. It’s such a joy to drive this CX-9. It has nice acceleration, super comfy to sit and drive for long distance driving. It’s a total package.
– Good Fuel Economy: Relative to other competitors, based on the numbers, this CX-9 is quite good on fuel. On highway, it averages out 9.1L/100 km and 11.6L/100 km on city. Those are good numbers.
– Amazing 2nd Row Captain Seating: Although CX-9 offers the standard 2nd row seating that seats 3 passengers, for my tester, it offers the option 2nd row Captain Chairs and we luv it. Without the middle seat in the 2nd row made accessing to the 3rd row much easier and each passenger who sits on the 2nd row captain seats have their own private space and comfort.

Cons (What I Dislike):

– More Black Components Would Be Nice: The Kuro Edition offers black components on the inside and outside of the SUV. However, I have a follower who told me that he would prefer to see even more black components on the outside of the CX-9 to make it more distinguishable for this is a Kuro Edition. He pointed out that the rear chrome bar of the CX-9 should be replaced with black gross bar. As he mentioned it and I look at the rear end again, I know where he is coming from and I agree with him that more black components would make the Kuro Edition more worthwhile.
– No “Kuro Edition” Emblem on the CX-9: I know this is a personal preference, but I feel that if people are willing to pay more to get the Kuro Edition, they would expect to see the words “Kuro Edition” on the vehicle to distinguish this trim level from the others. But there are none inside or outside of this SUV. Other than the black components for the Kuro Edition, this is a very low key and subtle trim level that you wouldn’t see any wording of “Kuro Edition” on this vehicle.
– More Horsepower Would Be Nice: Although as mentioned on the “Pros” section above that this CX-9 offers quick acceleration due to its powerful 310 lb-ft of torque and the engine is quick and fun to drive, it would be interesting to see how much more fun this CX-9 would be if the engineers somehow can generate more horsepower on this SUV. Perhaps pump it from 250 hp to 275 hp, how would it flare? No one will ever complain for more horsepower, said no one ever!

MoVernie Verdict:

Overall, I had a really wonderful time driving this 2021 Mazda CX-9 Kuro Edition. I had test driven a few CX-9 over the course of the past few years and every one of them were marvelous to drive. It’s 1 of my favourite SUVs of all-time. The exterior design is timeless, it never gets old. The big front grill distinguish itself from other blend looking SUVs. CX-9 looks aggressive, modern, sporty and luxurious. It looks good from all angles. It’s super fun to drive with its engine setup. Quick acceleration, sporty handling that hugs along the twisty roads. In particular, I really appreciate the hauling power of its 310 lb-ft of torque, it makes a whole world of difference. The all-wheel-drive system operates very nicely and during this road trip to the Pines of Boshkung cottage up in Algonquin Highlands that we encountered lots of snow and ice along the drive, but it didn’t deter us as the all-wheel drive system kicks in nicely on this CX-9 and we felt super safe and confident of the ride.

Last but not least, the interior layout by Mazda is one of the best in the business. Nicely designed infotainment system, easy to use knobs and buttons. Everything is so easy to use. The seats are supportive and super comfortable. The rich material in the interior elevates Mazda’s brand dramatically into the luxurious segment. If you are looking for a good looking, fun to drive SUV that does its job carrying your family around, this 2021 Mazda CX-9 should be on your list of SUVs to consider.

Special shout out to Mazda Canada for providing me with this CX-9 Kuro Edition for a week of test drive experience!

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The 2021 Mazda CX-9 Kuro Edition was provided by Mazda Canada. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.


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