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Pasteis de BelemIf you are travelling to Lisbon, Portugal and if you are also a foodie, you have to visit Pasteis de Belem. This is a large, airy bakery cafe offering Portuguese baked goods including tarts & breads. But it’s most famous for its Portugese tarts. This pastry shop first started since 1837, so it’s very historical, located in the municipality of Belem, which is about 15-20 minutes taxi ride from the central city of Lisbon. I highly recommend you to take a taxi, especially if you have 3 or 4 people with you as the taxi ride in Lisbon is relatively cheap. Originally, we tried to take the local street car. Originally, we were going to take the street car from the central city. Perhaps it was on a Sunday, after we waited for 25 minutes, we had not seen a street car arriving, so instead of keep on waiting, we opted to get a taxi. After about 20 minutes taxi ride, we got dropped off right in front of the Pasteis de Belem and the cost was $7.25 EURO, giving the taxi driver $2 tip, he was super happy. It makes me happy when I can put smile on people’s faces. Less than $10 EURO, 4 people taxi ride, dropped off right at the door step of Pasteis de Belem.

Pasteis de BelemPortugese tarts at Pasteis de Belem is a MUST ORDER food item. We ordered 6 tarts in the first round, after the first bite, we couldn’t resist how freshly baked the tarts were. The crust was crunchy, crispy and you could taste layer after layer of crust. I am not a fan of super sweet pastry but this tart was perfect, not too sweet, just super tasty, we ended getting 2 rounds of tarts and also ordered take out to bring it back to our cruise ship so the kitchen can re-heat for us.

The best part? Each Portugese tart is only $1.20 EURO. A cup of coffee is $0.80 EURO.

Pasteis de Belem
Rua de Belém nº 84 a 92, 1300 – 085
Lisboa Portugal
Tel: +351 21 363 74 23

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Pasteis de BelemPasteis de BelemPasteis de BelemPasteis de BelemPasteis de Belem


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