Pennies Bar – Good Cheap Drinks & Food – Toronto, Ontario, Canada


It’s been over 2 years that I last saw my good friends Carla and King. Carla suggested to all meet at the Pennies Bar, which is only a block from the Liberty Village. She said it has a nice patio but more importantly, it has cheap good drinks and food (by downtown Toronto standards, it’s relatively good price).

As we went to the patio, there were plenty of table options where people are maintaining physical distancing. There were big tables against the walls, there were high stool section perfect for 1 or 2 people to sit on.

As I glanced on the drinks and food menu, Carla is right! The drinks and food are relatively cheap here. You can get a nice mixed cocktails starting at $6 and if you want double shot of the spirit, it’s like $10-$12. If you ordered mixed drinks in the downtown core, you are looking at a minimum of $12-$15 a single shot drink.

As for food, Pennies Bar specializes in snacks size slider bites. There are so many variety, from beef sliders to fried chicken sliders to even fish sliders. There are so many choices. They even have combos that allow you to mix n match. And did I mention the staff here are all hardworking, courteous and friendly? They never upsell or being pushy. They let you take your time and enjoy your food and drinks.

MoVernie TIP: If you are somewhat hungry, I recommend you to order the Combo No.5 that allows you to mix n match 3 sliders and it includes a good chunks of its crispy tater tots. The tater tots are super tasty and addictive at the same time. All for $17.99 CDN + tax. I think it’s a great deal. If you don’t feel like eating that many sliders (although they are more like bite size), you can get a buddy or two to share the combo.

This place gets busy quick especially during weekend late afternoons or evenings, they don’t take reservations so I suggest you to go early and secure a table.

Enjoy! You will thank me later.

Pennies Bar – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Address: 127 Strachan Ave, Toronto, ON M6J 2S7
Phone: (647) 748-4800
Google Maps:

NOTE: There are no parking spots on premises, but there are street parking around the area. Plus, there is also a parking lot called 81-95 Stanley Terrace Parking, which is located between Richmond Street West and Stanley Terrace.

Creamy garlic fried chicken slider

Fried fish slider (this one is super delicious, I highly recommend this!)

Beautiful patio setup while people can maintain physical distancing.

Having these good peeps for 2 years now. It’s good to meet-up and catch up!



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