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Pick 6ix, Drake’s newest restaurant in Toronto, is now officially open to the public. However, if you go to the Pick 6ix website, you know the site is pretty basic right now, there is no food or cocktail menu, so you wouldn’t know what type of food they are serving or the prices. No worries, coz I had just made my 1st visit to Pick 6ix and I am happy to show you the cocktail menu, food menu and the inside look at Pick 6ix with the links below.

The moment I walked into the Pick 6ix, you can feel the OVO vibe all around the entire place, it’s chic, luxurious, high quality, black and gold colour theme throughout the entire restaurant. They use the green colour velvet sofa seating. There were a number of sections/compartments throughout the restaurant. There is a room for cocktails. A bartender at the station serving drinks, it’s quite cozy as it’s a bit away from the main dining room. As you walked through this room, there is a barricade, I was told it’s a private area for bottle service, celebs private parties or corporate functions, it’s quite private. Then, there was the bar area with a U-Shaped and then the main dining area. If you want to sit near the sashimi-sushi section and watch the chef preparing sushi and sashimi, you can sit there as well. As you walk through another section, there is a DJ booth and people can dine in the area.

There are TV screens throughout the restaurant so you can enjoy the Raptors/Leafs or other sports games. The TV screens are embedded inside the mirrors so it doesn’t intrude or stick out, it’s blend right into the decor, it’s quite classy.

And the washroom? OVO gold and black colour. If I have to explain to someone what Pick 6ix looks like? It is consistent with the colour theme of “The Sher Club” at the Air Canada Centre, but that’s because Drake was also part of the project.

I would say, Pick 6ix is like an extension from The Sher Club. It has the same high level of food items, service, drinks, vibe and decor. Pick 6ix is like having a good time without the need to be a Leafs/Raptors Sher Club members. That’s how I will sum it up to my friends.

I highly recommend you to check out Pick 6ix Toronto. If you are looking for cheap food or don’t care about the decor or services, then you would go elsewhere cheaper. But if you are looking for a new hot spot to dine, drink and check out the scene. You are going to pay that type of downtown Toronto price anyways, may as well experience here at Pick 6ix Toronto.

Who knows, maybe you may see some celebs or regular beautiful people here. It’s a Win-Win Pick 6ix!

PS – I highly recommend you to call or book online.

Click here to check out the Pick 6ix cocktail menu.

Pick 6ix food menu.

Pick 6ix Toronto
Website: Pick6ixTo.com
33 Yonge St. Toronto

Instagram: @pick6ixto


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