Planet Fitness: Grand Opening – The Gerrard Square


Planet Fitness: Grand Opening – The Gerrard Square

Hey peeps! Did you know that Planet Fitness has just opened another new location? It’s located inside the Gerrard Square Shopping Mall at 1000 Gerrard Street East, Toronto.
When Planet Fitness (pf) reached out and invited me to tour its new Gerrard Square location, I was looking forward to it. As most of my peeps know me by now that…I am ALWAYS on the MOVE to explore and discover new things and share INFO with all of you.

Quite honestly, I heard of the Planet Fitness name and know it is based in the States, but other than that, I don’t know much about it. Thus, this tour allows me to learn more about Planet Fitness and its philosophies in the fitness industry.

I got to admit, with the amount of food and drinks that I intake at various VIP events on a weekly basis, I should start looking out for my health, may start working out and do some much needed exercise, but I just don’t have the time to go work out daily to make things happen. I know, I know, it’s an excuse but I hope by taking this Planet Fitness tour that it will be a start for me to get a habit of finding time to work out and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Planet Fitness: Grand Opening – The Gerrard SquareThe Gerrard Square Location – Grand Opening

Arriving at the Gerrard Square location, there was ample room for my test drive of the week, the Mazda MX-5 RF. Now that’s a bonus, as many places in Toronto require paid parking. And paid parking could add to your expense, so free parking around the shopping mall is a welcome incentive.

On my way to the Planet Fitness, I was impressed to see that the mall has just recently been renovated. The mall looked modern, tidy, fresh and welcoming. As I took an escalator to the 2nd level, I could spot the Planet Fitness right away.

The entire Planet Fitness had nice tall bay windows with lights penetrating the glass to give it a bright and inviting vibe. As I walked into the entrance, I was greeted by two friendly staff at the concierge area. At a glance, I could see a huge “Gerrard Square” signage near the locker entrances. The machines were all brand new and you could smell the fresh carpet and décor around the spacious club. Most of the machines and equipment were covered in Planet Fitness’ signature purple and yellow colour combo.

After waiting for a few minutes at the sitting area, Danni Allen, (who is the past winner of Planet Fitness partner, NBC hit show The Biggest Loser) greeted me. Danni introduced herself and guided me on a tour of the facility.

The Planet Fitness Mission Statement Wall – Judgment Free Zone

Planet Fitness: Grand Opening – The Gerrard SquareFirst stop, the “Mission Statement” wall. At all Planet Fitness clubs, it provides its members a “Judgement Free” zone, which means, at Planet Fitness, no one judges you, you can be your own self, work out as many times as you like at whatever time that fits your schedule at your own comfort zone. I think this is a very KEY mission statement that resonates for many people, including myself. At other fitness clubs, the main clientele are body builders and perfect-body members, it’s to the point that it creates an intimidating environment for an average Joe to feel confident or comfortable to work out at their own pace and comfort level. Although, I was told that serious body builders are welcome at Planet Fitness, the main focus is to promote an environment where people can respect each other and to maintain a certain standard of etiquette when working out.

Anti-Bullying Campaign – Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada

Further to committing a “Judgement Free Zone” at all Planet Fitness locations, it also partnered with the “Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada” to promote anti-bullying campaign that includes initiatives to promote self-esteem, inclusion and empowerment for the young people.

Also, Danni told me that she once was a 300-lb girl and she was often bullied. Winning the “Biggest Loser” changed her life and has allowed her to motivate other people.

My peeps know how much giving back to communities, promoting charitable organizations and events are important to me. So, it makes me happy that such corporation such as Planet Fitness is able to come up with cool initiatives that will give back to the communities through initiatives that try to eliminate judgement and intimidation while promoting kindness and acceptance among each other. Kudos to Planet Fitness.

Lunk Alarm

The next station that I saw was the stretch room and then the weights area. What’s interesting about this area is that there is a “Lunk Alarm” on the top wall (see photo below). Danni said that this lunk alarm will sound off when someone grunts, drops weights or judges, there is a sensor that detects excessive noise or sounds that may affect other members. The lunk alarm siren will go on to remind peeps to be respectful of others around them. That’s quite an interesting concept!

Planet Fitness: Grand Opening – The Gerrard SquareAll-in-One Universal Equipment

Then Danni showed me the multi-tasked Universal equipment. It’s basically like an all-in-one equipment station that provides all kinds of exercises for anyone to do. In particular, I was intrigued by the big ropes exercise. Mind you, I never done it before, so I just asked Danni to take a photo of me so I can pose. Rest assured, I will be back in the near future to learn the proper posture and the proper way to use these ropes for my exercise routine.

Planet Fitness: Grand Opening – The Gerrard Square30-Minute Express

And then there was the “30-Minute Express Workout Station”, which is perfect for busy people such as me who may want to work out during a lunch time. A 30-minute workout will do the trick. This part of the station is a communal area. Instead of just going to use the equipment, it has a red light/green light system at the top of the area. If you look up and you see a red light, it means you should wait until you see a green light. When you see a green light, you are free to go to any equipment and start exercising. The green light will then turn to a red light after a certain set time, it acts as like a timer for you, so when it turns to red light, you stop and move on to another piece of equipment to work on your next exercise and so forth. It’s fun and I think in just a span of 30 minutes, you get to work on your various body parts and muscles that will give you a good workout.

Planet Fitness: Grand Opening – The Gerrard Square Planet Fitness: Grand Opening – The Gerrard SquareTons of Cardio Machines

At the cardio area, there were tons of cardio machines, a long line of treadmills, stair masters and elliptical machines.

After a nice tour with Danni, I asked her how much to be a member. She shocked me by telling me that memberships are only $10 CDN + tax each month. I said, “That’s it??? Only $10? How is that possible to maintain your staff and machines at such a good low price?”. She said that, with 15 Planet Fitness locations currently in Canada and counting. And more than 1,300 locations throughout North America, there is a huge membership base to help keep the membership cost down. There is enough revenue to maintain and run every Planet Fitness club and maintaining its standards.

Danni also mentions that every member can go to any Planet Fitness location even if I am travelling in the States and each location is operating 24/7. Wow! These are key benefits for its members.

Planet Fitness: Grand Opening – The Gerrard SquareBlack Card Spa

One of the highlights of my tour at Planet Fitness was when Danni introduced me to the “Black Card Spa” program. Instead of paying $10 per month, an extra $9.95 (for a total of $19.95 CDN + tax per month), I can use all the nice amenities at the Black Card Spa. This includes watching TV at the lounge with comfy sofa. I can also book time to use the state-of-the-art hydro massage machines. It’s a massage machine using water movement to relax various muscles. I tried it first hand and I felt in love. I could also book for normal traditional massage chairs. I can even book a time for a complete lie-down hydro massage bed.

Planet Fitness: Grand Opening – The Gerrard SquareFurthermore, I can get a nice sun tan with its sun tanning machines. If I am thirsty, Black Card Spa member can even purchase nutrient drinks at half price. I think it’s a great deal to get the Black Card Spa access.

Planet Fitness: Grand Opening – The Gerrard Square

Planet Fitness: Grand Opening – The Gerrard SquareI was informed that there will be many more Planet Fitness locations being opened around the downtown Toronto core and around the GTA to serve its members. I strongly think that Planet Fitness is a club for people such as me because of its “Judgement Free Zone” as well as its support for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada Judgement Free Generation, “anti-bullying campaign”.

I ain’t a GQ model or anything, I am just an average Joe who loves to enjoy life and workout in my own terms, my own time and my own comfort level and I think Planet Fitness is definitely a brand that I can relate to and support. I know I would definitely benefit from the 30-minute workout, the Black Spa Card lounge will be my best friend as I will spend my time there chilling and getting my favourite massages with the hydro massage machines.

I would like to thank Planet Fitness for reaching out and had Danni Allen to give me an Exclusive VIP tour of the facility. I had definitely learned a lot more about Planet Fitness and its importance of providing a positive workout environment for its members. Congrats on the grand opening at the Gerrard Square. I hope there will be one Planet Fitness club located near me in the near future so that I can re-start my wellness and workout regime.
For more information about Planet Fitness & its various locations and services, please click here.

This post is sponsored by Taymax Planet Fitness. In exchange for this post, I have received perks in the form of products and/or compensation. All opinions on this blog are my own.

Planet Fitness: Grand Opening – The Gerrard Square


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