Playoff Game #3 – A MUST WIN For Toronto Raptors in Orlando – NBA Playoffs (Round 1)


After a dominant blow out win by the Toronto Raptors against the Orlando Magic in Toronto in playoff game #2, I strongly think game #3 isn’t just any regular playoff game. This is a MUST WIN for the Toronto Raptors and here is why.

Here are the number of reasons that I think the Toronto Raptors have to win game #3 and why it is significant:

  • After a dominant Toronto victory in game #2 at home, the Raptors have to continue to come out strong  and continue to be dominant and win game #3 coz you want to finish the Orlando Magic. You want to let the Magic team knows that there is no chance for them to win another game. The Raptors need to continue to build this momentum to win more games and not let up and finish the Magic team.

  • Think about this. The Orlando Magic team will for sure watch tapes and go over what went wrong. The Magic coaching staff and the players will make adjustments. But if Raptors are still able to win game #3, whatever adjustments that the Orlando team makes in game #3 will be deflating and disappointing that no matter how they try to make adjustments, they still can’t beat the Raptors. That would be psychologically disappointing.
  • Raptors cannot continue to trail the Magic in a playoff series. It’s time to be in the driver’s seat and take control.
  • Raptors are playing away from home in the magic land of Orlando. They need to win at someone’s backyard.

  • If Raptors can win game #3, the chance is high to win game #4, by then, the Magic team may be deflated and just folded in in game #5 and the Toronto Raptors can close out the series.

Some fans may say “Well…we can lose game #3 and come back in #4, but what’s the point? Why does Toronto has to always be trailing and trying to come back and tie up the series?”

So, if you ask me? Game #3 is a MUST WIN for the Toronto Raptors.

Let’s get this! Let’s go Raptors! Let’s finish the Orlando Magic and close out this series.

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