Polestar 2 Exhibit – All-Electric Car – Toronto, Canada


When Polestar 2 was on display right outside of the Toronto Union Station entrance, a lot of people were curious and not sure what it was. I, myself didn’t know what it is either. Thus, my curious soul decided to find out what it is. Turns out, it’s an all-new car company that specializes in all-electric vehicle.

And interesting enough, since I covered many automotive related content, I was invited by the company to attend its first ever VIP event in Toronto, Canada. It was a great chance to check out this vehicle and be able to chat more about the product with the executive Polestar representatives on the concepts and the engineering behind this new electric product. You can click here to check out my VIP experience at the Polestar Product  Launch Party.

For more INFO about the Polestar brand and its lineup of electric vehicles, please click here.



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