Portia the Pom – Welcome to the MO Family!


We welcomed our newest member to the “MO” Family. Nope, it’s not a newborn human being. Instead, my bro, MoKenny and his girlfriend got a newborn pet. It’s a puppy! This is a HUGE deal in our family as we have never had a pet before.

The puppy is a she. Her name is Portia and she is a Pomeranian. This picture was taken when she was 4 weeks old.

Portia the Pomm - 4 weeks old
I have dedicated this new sub-section of my MoVernie BLOG to Portia because she is just so cute and adorable and I wanted to share pictures with ALL of you!

Follow Portia and watch her growth on this journey of life via Instagram @PortiaThePomm.




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