Private Beach – Port Franks, Ontario, Canada [ONTARIO TRAVEL SERIES]


Staying at Port Franks Getaway has its perks. Not only it’s a beautiful cottage romantic getaway with a nice cottage space during your stay. You can book your own private timeslot to enjoy the beautiful outdoor hot tub or indoor hot sauna or the firepit to roast your own smores.

Moreover, Port Franks Getaway provides its guests the accessibilities to a private park with a nice view of a flowing river, as well as access to a private beach. You can’t access these places without staying at the Port Franks Getaway, so these are added incentives to stay at Port Franks Getaway.

We visited the Private Beach in Port Franks with instructions by the owners at Port Franks Getaway and it was worth our time.  The sunset was beautiful.

We setup our own spot with a towel to setup a picnic experience. We got a nice bottle of wine, cheese, veggie dip, crackers and just listening to the water waves and peacefully watch the sunset.

“When you know, you know”. What a beautiful hidden gem!


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