Private River – Perks for Staying at Port Franks Getaway [ONTARIO TRAVEL SERIES]


Staying at Port Franks Getaway has its perks. Not only it’s a beautiful cottage romantic getaway with a nice cottage space during your stay. You can book your own private timeslot to enjoy the beautiful outdoor hot tub or indoor hot sauna or the firepit to roast your own smores.

Moreover, Port Franks Getaway provides its guests the accessibilities to a private park with a nice view of a flowing river, as well as access to a private beach. You can’t access these places without staying at the Port Franks Getaway, so these are added incentives to stay at Port Franks Getaway.

This morning, with the instructions by the owners Diane and Mike at Port Franks Getaway, we decided to get some fresh air and walk to the private river. It wasn’t a look walk but it was beautiful on this private property. A nice river flowing with a nice view of trees on the other side of the river. It’s peaceful and refreshing!

MoVernie TIP: When you are staying at a cottage, don’t be afraid to ask the owners or staff for their recommendations on the hidden gems that the locals luv to visit. Sometimes, there maybe some cool spots that ONLY the local knows but TripAdvisor, Expedia or travel guides may not know. For example, owners at Port Franks Getaway, Diane and Mike were super helpful during our stay, they gave us recommendations about Wave Limo tour, restaurants nearby that are good for breakfast, lunch and dinner and nearby nature trails and outdoor experiences. If we never ask, we would never know, so we were so glad that we did ask them for their expertise.


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